REAL Dream job

Learning how to MAKE WINE!  This kid knows everything there is to know about drinking it…so learning to make it would be AMAZING.  Unfortch, the deadline is TOMORROW!  Damn thee, fates!  I’ll never get anything together in time. Maybe my parents can help me throw something together tomorrow on our rapid fire tour of Red Hook.  This job really is so cool.  $10,000 a month PLUS accomodations for SIX MONTHS.  I’m such an assclown for just finding out about this.  Check out the videos and submit your own.

A Really Goode Job.


Cinco De Mayo Savings at Smith & Vine

Smith & Vine is having a 20% off sale tomorrow to celebrate 5 years of excellent wine and savings.  I’ve been a steady customer since they opened their doors five years ago…mainly because I’m a broke and lazy functional alcoholic.  Check out Stinky cheese if you make it over there.

Smith & Vine – Welcome!.

No more tax free wine? What’s the world coming to!?!?!?

The powers that be in DC are working up a bill to end tax-free shopping which means my days of buying wine sans tax online might be numbered.  With property taxes dwindling because of foreclosure and other property woes, states are looking for new sources of revenue.  Le sigh…I guess all good things must come to an end 😦

Taxes: Is Tax-Free Internet Shopping Soon To Be A Thing Of The Past?.

OMG I want this!

It totally combines two of my favorite things-drinking and drawing!  PLUS it’s made of trash basically.  Who doesn’t love trash?  Well, I actually don’t really love trash but I’ve got plenty of cardboard and can find some drainage pipes.  NOT a problem.  This seems simple enough for me to handle on my own.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Chalkboard Wine Rack Readymade.

The First Rule of Wine Club is you don’t talk about Wine Club

The second rule of Wine Club is that the host gets to blog about it which is a direct violation of the First Rule…  I’m hosting tomorrow night and we’re ‘tasting’ Pinot Noir.  Since none of the members of Wine Club have to work on Friday this is pretty much what I’m picturing:

Ladies, bring your A game!

Things I Now Have Time to Do: Part 1

There are so many ‘projects’ (like this blog) that I haven’t done before because I lacked time and space.  Now that I’ve got all the time in the world AND twice as much space, there’s nothing stopping me!

I’ve picked this wine board as my first project because a) my fridge is no longer magnetic so I need a place for posting and b) this kid REALLY likes wine…and drinks a lot of it…I’m pretty sure it will take me about two weeks to ‘save up’ enough corks to make this bad boy.  I’ll post updates later when I’ve completed my masterpiece.

Apartment Therapy DC | How To: Make a Bulletin Board from Wine Corks.