Oh Sad Panda…I want to take my picture with you…

Sad Panda is back…and apparently doing photo ops but the tourists were more interested in the Bull’s blue balls.  Sad Panda was also spotted on the 1 train at 86th Street in what seems to have been the most awkward train moment ever…which is saying something since a lot of shit goes down the train-por ejemplo-I celebrated a subway anniversary of sorts on May 5th…my 10th peen on the train!  Believe me when I say it’s an anniversary I could have done without.  And the hour and half I’m not getting back after waiting for the cops…who still haven’t called me back to ‘complete the file’.  Also, why do guys assume that if Brad Pitt was flashing on the subway that ladies wouldn’t mind?  Creepy unwanted peen on the subway is always creepy unwanted peen…no matter what the rest of the package looks like.  If a flasher looked like Brad Pitt it wouldn’t make the experience any less creepy or criminal.  It’s like finding out Megan Fox has crotch rot…Please stop making flashing and other sexual assaults a ‘hot-or-not’ crime.  (per comments section of this post on Deadspin)

Anyhoo, the Sad Panda succeeded in bringing everyone on the train down a few fun notches.  How can you not be sad when you see the Sad Panda?  What does the panda have to be happy about?  Raging unemployment?  Belonging to a species that is near extinction because of deforestation and pollution?  The fact that the white parts of his suit require constant care and cleaning?  That Bloomberg is about to start charging $0.05 for each plastic bag he’s so fond of carrying?  Do Sad Panda a favor and go downtown, grab some Pho, and get your picture taken with him.  Let him know he’s fabulous and the world needs him.

Sad Panda Seen ‘Covering His Ears, As If to Push Out the Sounds of the World Around Him’ — Daily Intel — New York News Blog — New York Magazine.


Stripping…not just a popular Plan B for Wall Street’s ladies!

That’s right, it’s also for the hunky menthz!  Apparently ripped and muscled male stockbrokers are also taking it off for the greenbacks.  Maybe the financial apocalypse is the great equalizer!

Let’s Get You A Job – Dealbreaker – A Wall Street Tabloid – Business News Headlines and Financial Gossip.

Do you have what it takes?

It’s happening here too…


What do people have against pillows?  Don’t people realize that there are tons of people who don’t have pillows?  Or who would love better non-feathered pillows?  What did pillows do to you?  And, seriously…not to sound like a conservative grandma…or pull a Bill Murray in “What About Bob”…but…seriously…folks…this city has a RAGING BED BUG PROBLEM…so you’re going to stage an event where everyone gathers their PILLOWS and goes to one place?  And breaks them open?  Just burn your clothes after.  I’m kind of happy it’s happening at Wall Street and not some place I actually visit or sleep on the regular.  Wall Street could use some bed bugs.  I’m really not even sure if you can spread them with a pillow fight…everything I’ve read has made me so freaking paranoid.  I hate bed bugs.  Really I do.  

Your perfect weekend – Time Out New York .

Sad Wall Street Panda is BACK!

My friend at Pandas Pandas Everywhere about this Sad Panda last month and now he’s back!  I thought it had something to do with some protest panda youtube videos staged in front of the homes of some members of Congress and lobbyists but it turns out it’s unrelated.  Still a bit of a mystery why this guy walks around Wall Street in the Panda suit but he certainly makes for some interesting pictures.  Unfortch, I’m going to have the Sexual Harassment Panda song in my head for the rest of the day.  Le sigh.

Sad Wall Street Panda

Spotted: Sad Panda Walking Downtown – Gothamist: New York City News, Food, Arts & Events.