The Cupcake Truck I should have had!

Brilliant business started by an NYU Law grad who, like everyone else, realized free time and joblessness was on the menu for the immediate future.  What’s better than cupcakes?  CUPCAKES THAT COME TO YOU!  You can follow their location on twitter.  Now if only the Van Leeuwen Ice Cream Truck and the Cupcake truck would get together and start supplying cake and ice cream!  That would be a perfect summer!  It might be perfect enough to make me forget the world is falling apart!  And I don’t have the money to afford the diabetic coma these two trucks promise.  I’ll take a white chocolate raspberry swirl please!

Entrepreneurship: Cupcake Truck Hits New York.


In news of the absurd, Yoko is judging a Twitter Haiku contest

Actually, it’s kind of awesome.  The contest runs from May 18th to May 22nd so get your tweet on.  The haikus will be displayed in King’s Cross station in London.  The topic is summer in Britain (I know…I didn’t know they had a summer) and you can tweet your haiku’s to @kingsplace

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Second Dream Job of the Day! Celebritard Ghost Twitter!

If you’re a celebrity who just CAN’T keep up with twittering-HIRE ME!  That would be pretty suwheet.  I can totally come up with stuff like “My ambition leads me through a tunnel that never ends”!  I wonder how much that would pay…

I would LOVE to twitter for Shaq!  Everything would be “Shaqtastic day” “may the shaq be with you” and “shaq loves you almost as much as he loves himself…almost”.

When Stars Twitter, a Ghost May Be Lurking –

In Douchey Lawyer News…

A 2004 Columbia Law grad who must really be pressed for work is trying to get rid of all the fake celebrity twitter accounts.  Gregory Fayer’s client is this guy:

Robert Schuller is a televangelist who hosts the Hour of Power and the above tweets are really his.  He had an imposter twittering for him…but, sadly, it was very similar to what the Rev himself would have twittered about.  So Gregory now wants to take down all the fake celebrity tweets that keep us all entertained in these dark days.  Anything for a buck.

Shut Up, Twitter: Annoying Lawyer Invents Most Annoying Legal Specialty.

Not sure where I stand on Twitter but I LOVE THIS

I am a HUGE Christopher Walken fan…so naturally this appeals on a few levels…but even if you’re not a fan, it’s still one of the funniest twitter threads I’ve ever seen.  Considering my twitter name is “pookie” I should be very offended by Mr. Walken’s aversion to the name “pookie”…but I will over look it owing to his awesomeness.  God I’m vapid.

Twitter / cwalken.