I want to go to there…on the CHEAP!

Forbes has done extensive research and analysis to come up with a list of 15 places US Americans not opting for the staycation should visit during the financial apocalypse.  There’s a nice smattering of countries from around the globe where the dollar is doing well and prices are down, down down.  If you’re looking to get out of dodge or have been saving up for a *big* splurge trip, this is an IDEAL time to get as much bang for your buck as you can.  Airfares seem to be bouncing all over the place but I do know that the few domestic flights I’ve been tracking are cheaper than I’ve ever seen them.  If you can afford to travel, DO IT!

Fifteen Cheap Countries To See In The Recession – Forbes.com.


Have sheckles, will travel?


Here’s a guide for the few people who can afford to cash in on these awesome airfares (I saw London for $318, Paris for $300 and Hawaii for $380!!!  These are 1997 prices!  The 90’s are back!).  The NY Times has put together a lovely little save/splurge list together for the budget minded and not so budget minded.  Even if you’re only going to get as far as a staycation will take you this summer, the pictures are certainly worth a peep…a little mini-mind-break for the last Monday in April. 

Europe for Every Budget – The New York Times > Travel > Slide Show > Slide 1 of 20.

Travel Porn: Paris

Mais Oui

On this cold grey day in Brooklyn, it’s hard not to let the mind wander and ponder other places I’d rather be right now…and then I came across this gridskipper of Brasseries in Paris.  Gridskipper might officially be reading my mind.  Earlier this week they detailed all the best irish bars in San Fran RIGHT when I was thinking-where the fuck am I going to drink this St. Patrick’s day?  Brilliant!  Anyhoo, day-dreaming about travel is something I do regardless of my environment.  I do it in the office, at home, on the subway, while hiking, walking in the park-it just happens.  I think about travel almost as much as men think about sex…once every six seconds.  So here’s my first installment of Travel Porn.  I can’t actually afford to travel anywhere but that doesn’t mean I can’t think about it…all the time!

Gridskipper: The Stunning Brasseries of Paris.