You can’t handle the truth! That’s why BLS doesn’t want to give it to you

like lemmings US News is ‘investigating” BLS’s response to their annual survey which contributes to law school rankings.  Apparently BLS *might* have forgotten to talk about their part time students…and that *might* change their ranking…But BLS says it *failed* to include the info because it disagrees with the magazine’s methodology…and because they might have made a wee little mistake.

Frankly, I feel like the part timers were doing better than some of my full time classmates.  But dirty pool, BLS.  I’m more upset by our slip in the party poll than the US News rankings.  After all, being a better party school is a bigger selling point than US News rankings right now.

‘U.S. News’ looks into Brooklyn Law’s survey response.


Promotion: Ur doing it wrong

Quel Surprise!  KFC is finally haulting their free chicken promotion.  Let’s retrace their steps and see where they went wrong.  A)they distributed coupons which could be easily copied and reused B) they created an unreasonably long period of time during which customers could collect free food C) they paired up with Oprah, Queen and high priestess of all that is promotion to pimp their plan D) they offered free food during the Greatest Recession E) they didn’t anticipate the combination of free food + horrible economy + lot’s of unemployed people = riots and F) THEY RAN OUT OF CHICKEN RIGHT BEFORE MOTHER’S DAY, which, sadly, is apparently their MOST POPULAR WEEKEND!  I think that last bit might be the saddest.  Who takes their mom to KFC’S????  If you REALLY loved your mother, you’d take her to POPEYES!  Personally, I think KFC is gross…doesn’t help that everytime I see one I flash back to that video of the rat infested on on Weat 4th… …  …  …  I’m back.  That shit was Naaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh-stea!  The point is, Popeyes is way better…as evidenced by recent news stories that detail a woman behind mugged for her popeyes AND a riot caused by $5 chicken.  Popeyes is SO good that they don’t even need to offer their chicken for FREE to cause a riot.  Nuff said.

Kentucky Fried CHAOS: Free Chicken Deal SUSPENDED! – Gothamist: New York City News, Food, Arts & Events.

Marion Barry: Batting 1,000

As per usual, Marion Barry is on the wrong side of the issue…why?  Because he always is.  I learned as a DC voter YEARS ago…before I was even old enough to vote, that if he supported something, I should investigated it heavily and, more likely than not, vote the other way.  Guess what?  It works!  Pretty much ever issue he’s supported has been bad for the city.  And NOW he’s against same sex marriage in DC.  Why, do you ask?  Well OBVIOUSLY it’s because he’s such a MORAL politician.  Unless you were living under a rock for the entire of the 80’s and 90’s and even recently, you KNOW that he’s just about as far from a “MORAL” politician as you can get.  Not only did he smoke crack with a self-professed ‘crack whore’, but he accepted bribes, gave government contracts to family members, and ran the city into the ground.  Also, when did he dodge bullets during the civil rights movement?  He stood next to MLK a million years ago and that’s supposed to make the community he’s being been treating like shit forgive him for everything he’s done?  I think he’s ‘misremembering’ the bullets…those fly around the city he was mayor of ALL THE TIME.  So perhaps he was remembering DC…sans gay marriage…but full of drug wars and quickly climbing to the top of the murder rate.  Or maybe he was remembering getting robbed at gunpoint in June 2006.  Fortunately, his credit cards were all maxed out so they didn’t get very far on them-oh-that’s right!  He’s ALSO one of the millions of MORAL Americans who borrowed way more than they could ever pay back.  Also, how many times has he been married?  FOUR.  FOUR TIMES.  HOW can SOMEONE WHO’S BEEN MARRIED FOUR TIMES EVEN OPEN THEIR MOUTH TO TALK ABOUT THE SANCTITY OF MARRIAGE???  

Marion Barry: I’m a moral politician… No gay marriage in DC! – Last Word.

Consumerist Personal Finance Round-up…just as depressing as it sounds

And not very useful.  I’d have to say that the only really interesting article here was the bit about retirement.  I didn’t realize that the Social Security numbers have been holding pretty steady as the baby-boomer generation slips slowly into retirement.  That’s AWESOME news since everyone was predicting they were going to drain it in TWO seconds.  The bit about cities to go for work is pretty useless…I have a fair number of friends who are trying to find work in DC and they’ll all tell you there are no jobs so that list seems a little off.  And I want everyone I know to boycott Dollar Tree.  I can’t tell you why but I would just like everyone to use other dollar stores.

Money: Personal Finance Roundup.

This makes me laugh and cry and the same time

Where I'll go to avoid the Glenn Beck "Comedy" Tour

Glenn Beck really is an amazing American.  So amazing that it’s not enough to have a TV show with millions of viewers…sorry…I need a moment…typing that made me throw up a little bit in my mouth.  Phew.  Ok.  So it’s not enough to have the TV show-he needs to take this shit on the road!  And come to YOU, America!  That’s right!  He’s taking his “humor” on the road.  Now, I don’t claim to be an avid viewer but I have seen the show a few times.  When it wasn’t making me furious and spitting mad, I did laugh a few times but only when Glenn cried.  That’s right…the only thing that makes me laugh are the tears of pale doughy neo-conservative freak shows who are too busy digging a deep hole of hypocrisy (but I actually just type hypocrazy and REALLY like that word now…even though it’s not a real word) to realize that they are a laughing stock.  I can’t WAIT to hear what his jokes are going to be!

Glenn Beck Comedy Tour Announced.

Fighting the Overqualified Label: 10 Tactics for Success

I'm overqualified for this slide

As someone with a law degree, I’ve been getting the “overqualified” excuse as of late…which is complete and utter BS since having a law degree totally DOESN’T make me overqualified for non-legal work.  I really don’t understand what having a law degree has to do with whether or not I can do the non-legal jobs I’m applying for…it’s almost as if they are expecting Matlock to show up and argue every work assignment…and yes…Matlock’s seersucker suits make him overqualified in style to even live in NY…but I neither own a seersucker suit nor plan on using my legal wiles to entertain thousands of retired Americans on a nightly basis.  Anyhoo, it’s just super frustrating and found this article interesting…and perhaps even insightful.

Fighting the Overqualified Label: 10 Tactics for Success.

I can’t believe this Douche Rocket has a job and I don’t

I’ve always known that Rush Limbaugh was a douche and an idiot but this list really seals the deal.  The quotes would be hysterical if he didn’t have 13.5 million listeners.  How can people listen to this crap?  He literally makes my blood boil.  Did I mention that he flunked out of college?  Probably explains a LOT about the following list of *brilliant* quotes.  He’s not even “truthy”.  He takes the truth, throws it away, and then starts building his own bullshit pile based on pixie dust and fairy farts.  He’s about as far from being an American hero as a person can get.

Rush Limbaugh’s 10 Dumbest Remarks: Christopher Bateman | Vanity Fair.