DON’T FORGET! SATURDAY: Get the IRS to do your taxes for you!

This Saturday the IRS will be giving free advice and help to everyone on their taxes.  If you make $42,000 or less the IRS will actually DO your taxes for you.  It’s not my favorite way to spend a Saturday but if the IRS can help you find some hidden money via deductions and credits, it might be the best Saturday of the year.

Taxes: IRS Offers Free Face-to-Face Tax Help on Saturday.


Broke and need help with your Taxes? Let the IRS do them.






Next Saturday the IRS is going to be helping folks who make less than $42,000 with their taxes.  Pretty suwheet but it’s not like people who make under $42,000 get audited that often…  I owe this year so I’m avoiding and face time with the tax man at present…until I figure out how to come up with the cash from my rather strapped funds.  Le sigh.  Let the good times roll!  Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day and I can assure you I will not be worrying about my taxes on the one day of the year God turns a blind eye to the earth and all is forgiven.  Now that’s a REAL holiday…not like “Super Saturday” with the IRS.  

Taxes: Next Saturday, Let IRS Agents Fill Out Your Taxes.

NYC Taking the Short Bus to Economic Recovery




Apparently the Big Apple is going to be ‘recovering’ at a ’slower rate’ than the ‘rest of the nation’.  The city is hemorrhaging jobs, losing tax revenue, and has a Mayor that doesn’t believe in taxing the wealthy.  Le sigh.  This article did remind me that I need to read Atlas Shrugged.  


NYC Economic Forecast Goes From Dismal to Dire – Gothamist: New York City News, Food, Arts & Events.

Taxes: Squeeze Every Last Dollar Out of Your Income Tax Return



The first thing I did when I got laid off was sit down to do my taxes and, double burn…for the first time in my adult life, I OWE Uncle Sam…$1000.  It sucks.  But perhaps this article from lifehacker chocked full of goodies and tips for bloggers, how to get 35% off turbo tax, the most overlooked deductions, and other online tools.  

Taxes: Squeeze Every Last Dollar Out of Your Income Tax Return.

For Seriously? That’s some serious green!

Truth be told, my grandmother had this idea about 15 years ago.  What can I say?  My grandmother was one cool customer and apperently a wicked awesome economist to boot.  My big question is-where’s Vermont?  How can VT not be listed here?  Do peoole “exporting” from VT just not get caught?  Ever?  Phishy…

Taxing Marijuana could generate over $41 billion

Top Marijuana producing states