What to Buy at the Farmers Market this weekend!






Spring (almost feels like summer) has finally arrived and so has fresh produce at the farmers market!  Don’t get me wrong-I love cheese and bread and coffee cake…but I LOVE fresh flowers and fresh veggies even more.  And they are SO much cheaper at the farmers market.  I’m totally hitting up my local tomorrow.  I also need to figure out what Ramps are…

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Farmers’ Market Report: Lettuce for Your GardenNew York.


Happy Funtimes Spring Slide Show of NYC!

The temperature is rising and more and more signs of spring are popping up all around!  Although this weekend was freezing, here are some pictures to remind us that Spring REALLY is happening!  Don’t lose hope!  It’s right around the corner!  It supposed to be 70 degrees this weekend!

Slideshow: Spring in New York — Daily Intel — New York News Blog — New York Magazine.

Where I’d rather be right now

Wine Me

Ah Gridskipper…a  little shaky today after a rough weekend…on the technology front…but they put together a DAMN fine list of Parisian Brasseries…I so wish I could trade this grey raining day in Brooklyn for the comfort of some deep red wine and some choucroute!  So if you have a job, save up your pennies so you can afford to take a trip if and when you get the axe and not suffer through this shit weather.

Gridskipper: The Stunning Brasseries of Paris.

National Parks make great CHEAP escapes

Haleakela National Park

Think you can’t afford a vacation this year?  Think again.  Nothing is as cheap and rewarding as camping at National Parks.  Check specific parks for camping fees and permit requirements but they are typically well under $20 a night and very well maintained.  All you have to do is get there!  And with gas prices down, it’s as cheap as a vacation can be.  You can pack your own food and sleep under the stars every night.  If you plan on hitting more than one park this year, you can sign up for an annual pass that will get you into all of the parks.  National Parks are fabulous and so many Americans don’t take advantage of them.  So get out there and explore!

5 U.S. National Parks that Are Ready for Spring | Frommers.com.

TO DO: Stalk Cherry Blossom progress at Brooklyn Botanic Garden

I have promised myself for six years that I will go and see the cherry blossoms at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens…and like so many other promises I’ve made to myself over the course of a lifetime, I’ve fallen through my ass and let myself down.  Well, NO MORE.  THIS year I will get to see the cherry blossoms.  I’ve started following them on this Blossom Status map which literally takes the guess work out.  In DC it’s impossible to tell when they are going to bloom, when they are going to fall off the trees, or when the tourists will get word that they have bloomed.  This lovely little map lets me know before I even leave the house!  I also live about three blocks from the blossoms so I almost can’t miss them when I’m walking in the hood.  Sorry to everyone who’s working-but then not sorry because, guess what?  You have a job and that’s kind of an awesome thing right now-BUT I’m super excited for this week!  Spring has ARRIVED and it’s going to be close to 60 degrees ALL WEEK!  I’m going to plant stuff on the roof, finish my spring clean and all will be right with the world!  Oh yeah…and find a job.  Awesome.  But first, I’m going to see the cherry blossoms!

Brooklyn Botanic Garden: CherryWatch Blossom Status Map.