Now that the memorial service is over, it’s time to eat your emotions…Michael would have wanted that

Not really…he was so skinny he wore women’s clothes…that’s actually true.

MJ in Lady Cloth

BUT I’m sure he’d like you to celebrate his life and morn his passing in anyway you find appropriate.  If you’re American, like me, that means it’s time to eat your emotions!  Totally awesome recipe from Smitten Kitchen that’s perfect for tonight because blueberries are totes in season.

blueberry boy bait | smitten kitchen.

Umm…awkward…just realized that the name of this recipe is “blueberry Boy Bait”


Let them eat cake…lemon/blackberry yogurt cake

I’m firing up the grill tonight and celebrating the fact that spring (feels more like summer) has finally taken hold.  It’s supposed to be over 80!  Everyone is out enjoying Prospect Park, the farmers market was packed, and it’s the perfect day to just lounge with an Arnold Palmer on the roof deck!  I’m going to bake this cake to really celebrate summer!

lemon yogurt anything cake | smitten kitchen.

What cheers up disappointed teabaggers? Cinnamon Buns!

This really has NOTHING to do with being unemployed…except that I now have enough time to make incredibly complicated recipes like this one!  And what better recipe to cheer up the disappointed teabagger in your life?

cinnamon swirl buns + so much news | smitten kitchen.

TO DO THIS WEEKEND: Eat your emotions…in the dark

I just posted three REALLY depressing stories so I figured I’d post something that will help you cope with all the bad news.  This cake sounds incredible.  Who doesn’t love a pound cake?  Especially when it’s made with cream cheese?  And Strawberries!  So bake this cake and then eat it in the dark on Saturday at 8:30pm as part of the Lights Out Campaign.  I’m SURE turning off the lights for an hour will TOTALLY offset all the electricity it takes to make this cake.  Happy Friday.  Hey, at least it’s really nice outside!

cream cheese pound cake + strawberry coulis | smitten kitchen.