How to dumb-down your resume for something more temporary

This might be the answer to my ‘overqualified’ problem!  It’s not me!  It’s my super-fancypants resume!  What’s the next installment going to be?  How to dumb down your vocab to a second grade reading level to ace an interview?  Sorry-that sounded bitter.  But bitter times call for bitter posts 😀 So trim it down to the one degree and retool job titles and description to “meh” rather than “wow”.

Lifehacker – Land Short-Term Work with a Dumbed-Down Résumé – Jobs.


Fighting the Overqualified Label: 10 Tactics for Success

I'm overqualified for this slide

As someone with a law degree, I’ve been getting the “overqualified” excuse as of late…which is complete and utter BS since having a law degree totally DOESN’T make me overqualified for non-legal work.  I really don’t understand what having a law degree has to do with whether or not I can do the non-legal jobs I’m applying for…it’s almost as if they are expecting Matlock to show up and argue every work assignment…and yes…Matlock’s seersucker suits make him overqualified in style to even live in NY…but I neither own a seersucker suit nor plan on using my legal wiles to entertain thousands of retired Americans on a nightly basis.  Anyhoo, it’s just super frustrating and found this article interesting…and perhaps even insightful.

Fighting the Overqualified Label: 10 Tactics for Success.

REMINDER: Happy Free Resume Printing Day! March 10th!






I was just going to go to the opening of my friend’s art exhibit tomorrow but now I REALLY have something to do.  Fed Ex will print 25 black-and-white resume copies per costumer tomorrow.  Resume paper is expensive, y’all.  So if you’re unemployed or extremely disatisfied with your job…or think you might be losing it soon-haul tail to your nearest Fed Ex!  

Free: FedEx Offices Offering Free Resume Printing Tomorrow.

Interview Tips…on the off chance that you have some-Kudos to you!

I love this picture too…thanks CNN.  What did that guy just say?  She looks highly displeased.  I would imagine that interview is not going so well…he’s not even looking at her.

So far, I’ve received no responses to my job aps but, per the CNN fail of last week, I’m not paying attention the “Doom and Gloom” out there and staying positive!  Not so much.  Anyhoo, if YOU have an interview, here are some tips!  I haven’t actually interviewed all that much over the course of my career.  Most of my jobs have come through connections or temping first so I’ve bypassed most of these traditonal questions in past interviews so this is certainly something I need to brush up on.

How to answer 10 tough interview questions –

Hate Your Job? Can’t Quit? Maybe this can help…

Adrift?Very short article with 5 super quick tips to help you cope with a less than ideal job situation.  I’ve been there…Momo is totally there right now and I believe this list can really help.  I have so many friends who are working longer and hating their jobs more and more which is only natural when you have less and less time for your self, your family, and your friends.  Exercise is the best way to relieve stress so make sure you take at least a little time for yourself.  It keeps you focused and your mind clear-exercise has even been shown to increase brain function.  It’s a win-win!  You feel better about yourself, your day, and everything that follows.  The other point I would stress is to take at least a little time-even if it’s just once a week-to figure out what you want to do next and find a better job.  I HATE job hunting, I HATE cover letters, and I HATE resumes-but if you’re hatred of your job is worse than your hatred of these tasks, they become easy to do!  The week before I was laid off, I retooled my resume, dug up an old cover letter, and put a list of jobs together off  I actually enjoyed doing it all because it reminded me that there are other jobs out there and that I’ve got a decent resume and mad skillz.  It also helped me clarify what I really hated about my job (most everything), what I loved (my coworkers), and what I should avoid in the future (jobs with no direct, no growth, or that depend on the manic throws of the stock market for existence).

5 Tips For Loving a Job You Hate – On Careers (

Hive Five: Five Best Online Job Search Sites

I have to admit..on this near 60 degree day here in NYC, it’s hard to imagine wanting to be cramped in an office again.  That said…the weather’s turning cold again by the end of the week and mama pays her own heating bill so it’s almost time to pound the pavement again…errr…or whatever the internet version is.  Here is a list of life hacker’s top five job sites.  Also check the comments for additional hints and tools.  AND GET OUTSIDE!  It’s FABULOUS!  Almost feels like SPRING!

Hive Five: Five Best Online Job Search Sites.

And don’t forget about Idealist for non-profit work.  Excellent site for lot’s of excellent jobs-and not all of them have non-profit prices.


How to Write a Resume That Will Land an Interview – Dumb Little Man

Pretty standard stuff that you’ve probably heard before but still worth a peep if you’re dusting off the old resume.  Can hurt to take a look a just refresh.  If you’re like me, you don’t review your resume until you really need it again and end up editing it on the fly…never the way you want to handle it but often how shit gets done.

How to Write a Resume That Will Land an Interview – Dumb Little Man.