What it really takes to open a restaurant…besides piles of money






Blog by a woman who’s opening a pizza place on Delancy with her husband.  It’s interesting to see what really goes into opening a restaurant like this.  I watched a mini-documentary on the guys at Baked and everything it took to open there place…let’s just say, this business is not for me…unless I win the lottery.  I love to cook and bake but not on a professional level.  The restaurant business is just such a gamble!  And the start-up costs are crazy.  Anyhoo it’s a very interesting read.  Enjoy.  AND ENJOY THE WEATHER!  It’s sunny and 80 from CO to NY!  

Orangette: I get a glimpse.


Cheap: it’s what’s for dinner




This recipe is TIME CONSUMING…anything that starts off with making dough the night before is not a quick and simple recipe.  BUT, if you’re like me, you HAVE all the time in the world to MAKE your own dough.  It’s strange to me that the dough is what makes pizza expensive…but those Boboli’s add up y’all.  Now THIS is a cheap eat.  The author claims these ingredients cost less than $5…when you buy in bulk…and perhaps in DE.    

The Simple Dollar » A Guide to Making Inexpensive and Delicious Homemade Pizza.

Gridskipper: Best Pizza in DC

Get your pizza on in the District.  I’ll be doing the same here in NYC.  Lucali here I come!!!  Two Amys, Pizzaria Paradiso, Pines of Rome are all awesome.  I’ll have to check out Vace which is supposed to be THE best.  And no matter how broke I am, I can always afford Pizza Mart.  For budget minded and DIY folk, Vace also sells pizza dough.

Gridskipper: Best Pizza in DC.

TO DO: PIZZA…’cause I can still afford it!




Also because I have a strange yet unrealized fetish for big fat ginger-haired italian chefs who wear vests and constantly seem to be stuffing their faces, I want to follow in Mario’s chubby footsteps and conduct a snarky pizza crawl of my own.  There would be more alcohol involved…of course…and I’m not sure we can get into all these fancypants places he visits in one day…I don’t have the “I’m famous and don’t have to wait” NY card…so this might have to be a month long journey.  I also don’t really agree with his pizza place picks.  He left off Lucali for starters…Anyhoo, pizza has saved my drunk as many a night and might be the real reason I can’t picture myself living anywhere other than New York.  Can you give me a greesy hot slice of pepperoni pizza at 4am Omaha?  I didn’t think so.  And if you can, it’s Dominos and not a real New York slice.  This doesn’t really have anything to do with unemployment or finding a job and has everything to do with the fact that it’s 3pm and I haven’t eaten yet.  


via Mario Batali Judges New York’s New Pizza Joints — Grub Street: New York Magazine’s Food and Restaurant Blog.