How to dumb-down your resume for something more temporary

This might be the answer to my ‘overqualified’ problem!  It’s not me!  It’s my super-fancypants resume!  What’s the next installment going to be?  How to dumb down your vocab to a second grade reading level to ace an interview?  Sorry-that sounded bitter.  But bitter times call for bitter posts 😀 So trim it down to the one degree and retool job titles and description to “meh” rather than “wow”.

Lifehacker – Land Short-Term Work with a Dumbed-Down Résumé – Jobs.


Winning a Pulitzer won’t give you job security :(

As reported by NY Mag, Paul Giblin, a Pulitzer Prize winning author, was laid off in January.  Now THAT is depressing.  Wonder if he’ll get the “Overqualified” quip when he’s interviewing.

One of This Year’s Pulitzer Winners Was Laid Off Back in January — Daily Intel — New York News Blog — New York Magazine.

My girl Michelle is talking ’bout the “overqualified” problem too

Michelle Singletary at the Washington Post (she’s the Personal Finance reporter also following the a DC family who saved too little and a DC man who thought he’d saved enough) is talking about what to do when you get the ‘overqualified’ response.  I have totally hear the “you’ll get bored” response before..WITH WHAT???  MY PAYCHECK?  But I’m listening Michelle!  I need to check my attitude!

Michelle Singletary – The Color of Money: Tips for the Overqualified Job-Seeker –

Fighting the Overqualified Label: 10 Tactics for Success

I'm overqualified for this slide

As someone with a law degree, I’ve been getting the “overqualified” excuse as of late…which is complete and utter BS since having a law degree totally DOESN’T make me overqualified for non-legal work.  I really don’t understand what having a law degree has to do with whether or not I can do the non-legal jobs I’m applying for…it’s almost as if they are expecting Matlock to show up and argue every work assignment…and yes…Matlock’s seersucker suits make him overqualified in style to even live in NY…but I neither own a seersucker suit nor plan on using my legal wiles to entertain thousands of retired Americans on a nightly basis.  Anyhoo, it’s just super frustrating and found this article interesting…and perhaps even insightful.

Fighting the Overqualified Label: 10 Tactics for Success.