You know you’re in the wrong when Mayer gives you the stink-eye

In news of the oh-so-wrong and inappropriate-ways-to-remember-MJ, Corey Feldman DRESSED UP AS HIM FOR THE MEMORIAL SERVICE!  Now, I know that Corey is not right in the head.  He didn’t even need a meth addiction to get to the wrong side like the other Corey did…he’s just wrong and was apparently born that way.  But seriously…isn’t there ANYONE in his LIFE (perhaps the people who sold him the outfit???) who could have told him, “Hey…dude…Corey…maybe you should save the dress-up for private times…not sure everyone is going to look at that as an appropriate way to remember the Prince of Pop…also it might be weird to show up at someone’s funeral DRESSED LIKE THEM.”  And what the fuck happened to Corey’s lips?  He’s totally gone snapping turtle.  He looks more like Morla from the Neverending Story everyday.  Also, John Mayer is the king of all douches…when even he is giving you the stink-eye you know it’s time to pack it in and re-evaluate your outfit.

Jennifer Hudson was amazing.  But even more amazing is her baby daddy who seems to be living the Dave Chappelle Oprah skit where Dave gets the O knocked up and lives the life.  I can’t find a copy of it online.  I can only imagine the mighty O had it taken down.  Jen’s baby-daddy is David Otunga who is better known as Punk from I Love New York and Dawson Alexander to his WWE fans.  I love Jennifer Hudson and can’t believe she let New York’s sloppy seconds get her knocked up.  But to each his own.  She’s had a tough go of it so I can’t hate on her too bad.

News – Corey Feldman Arrives at Memorial Dressed as Michael Jackson |

This is when I started to cry…but, in all fairness, I’ve always cried when I hear this song.


Are you a “lady” who wants to start over? Six inspiring stories from Oprah

Six women who started over, career wise, and their inspiring stories.  Changing careers is always hard but these six ladies did it and aren’t looking back.  From law to baking, marketing to stationery, these woman made their career dreams come true.  I guess it’s all about having an idea and being in the right place at the right time.

Meet Women Who Started Over –

GurrrrrrlFRIEND!…Suze was back on Oprah and she’s got some new advice!

Actually, if you stalk Suze they way I do, it’s not so new…but for some of you it might be.  The BIG news which I think I previously posted is that she’s telling me people to STOP putting all their money toward their credit card bills, pay only the min. and put everything else towards an emergency fund!  Next, she’s telling everyone to ‘live on half’…if you have a spouse or partner and you’re both employed, put one FULL paycheck in the bank and save it.  If you’re on your own, bank HALF of your paycheck-she says to ‘try it’ for six months.  Then we need to ‘stash or cash’-meaning don’t pay down the bills…stash your cash…but where Suze?  In the mattress?  NEXT she talks about maxing out the Stimulus package-aka using COBRA, tax breaks, etc.  But who doesn’t know about COBRA by now???  COME ON!  What sucks is that you only get the reduced COBRA for 9 months.  And then she started talking about home stuff and car buying and I sorta lost interest.

They open the show with doomsday clips of stories that are actually happening right now (tent cities, bankruptcy, people living in their cars, etc-you know the signs) to stress the importance of following The Prophet’s words (Suze is the Prophet…as O explains, Suze knew this was going down and TALKED about it on the show in October of 2007!  Praise the Great all knowing O!)

Also, truck stops are officially the theme of the day!  The dude in the first depressing Greatest Depression/Recession family they had on totally checked out trucking as an option!  Sadly, he couldn’t do it…didn’t really get the straight line on why not so I’m not going to take it off my list yet…but the thing is, trucking isn’t really a fall back career…it’s a life y’all.  And it is NOT for the week.  Watch a FULL season of cops before you even think about it.

So back to her advice, she goes through the typical crap-get rid of a land line, satellite radio (wtf?  really?  People have satellite radio?  Plus O can’t be please about that…what about the O and Gayle show??), cell phone bills, blah, blah, blah…all the freaking obvious stuff.  Here’s a tip, when you get bills, just go through them all one by one and get rid of everything that you get a bill for…except insurance.  Do people REALLY need these lists?  I’ve SEEN SO MANY OF THEM!  Isn’t it obvious?  Perhaps it’s only obvious to people who get canned and suddenly have NO money…but this really seems like something people should be figuring out on their own.

Anyhoo, there’s some good info in here…and then a lot of the same old bullshit.  I do have to say, The Prophet really comes through with valuable info so check it out.

Recession Rescue with Suze Orman –

My mind is blown and my prayers have been answered!

So this is pretty much impossible for me to wrap my wee little brain around but apparently peeps down at Wake Forest University have developed a technology that will allow people to grow their own organs.  I have been praying and begging for this technology ever since I reached legal drinking age-I will be able to regrow my own liver!  YES!

So I think this also portends the end of days, apocalypse, etc because I just don’t think people will be able to handle living forever…but I could be wrong…but 2012 is soon…think on it…maybe just the introduction of the technology will cause the fall.  I mean, how much does it cost?  What’s to stop everyone from just growing a spare set of everything?  If you’re in a car accident, you don’t know what you’re going to need.  Anyhoo, interesting stuff.

Also interesting to note, O kind of screwed the reduced your calories-you’re going to live forever-benjamin button style people by talking about the diet first (which no one wants to do because you pretty much eat twigs and berries) and THEN the organ growing story (which everyone wants to do because all you have to do is give them some cells!)

Dr. Oz on Innovations in Regenerative Medicine –

Little things that can save you big






I’ve seen similar lists before and I’m pretty sure Oprah’s show about much you spend on Starbucks if you get a latte everyday (close to $2K depending on where you live) single handedly sent their stock sinking like a stone.  Doesn’t hurt to give it a look-maybe it will remind you of something in your daily life that you can cut out.  One of the most amazing things about being laid off is that you realize how little you can live on…unfortunately, you HAVE to realize that…or you don’t survive…but it’s actually very interesting to see how low you can go-what the bare minimum really is.  Now if only I could carry this trianing over to when I’m employed…that’s the secret.  

Top Tips: Saving enough – Feb. 27, 2009 .