New Credit Card Rules

Lifehacker – What the New Credit Card Rules Mean for You – Credit Cards.

Here’s a simple break down of the new credit card rules and how they impact you and your accounts.  Know your rights and know how to protect yourself.  These rules won’t go into effect nine months after Obama signs it…if he signs it…


Obama to take on Credit Cards?

Pretty Places Obama is from

That would be awesome!  If he could do something before 2010 like Congress is!  These problems are happening now-problems like credit limits being lowered, interest rates being raised and all the other dirty tricks they’ve been playing.  It would be great if some help could happen sooner rather than later since this is when families need the credit and help more than ever.

Metro – Obama to end credit card rates free-for-all.

Happy Tax Day! Prepare for all sorts of teabagging

While Obama pimps his middle class tax cuts, bunches of conservatives are going to be hosting ‘teabagging’ parties of a whole different flavor…I still can’t get over the fact that they are calling it teabagging…it’s fabulous.  There’s never much to laugh at on tax day but I find these teabagging parties hysterical.  Rock out with your teabags out!

Your guide to teabagging – War Room –

Health Care Reform-YES WE CAN-and why we have to

Very interesting article on the current health care crisis and one that every American should read.  If the pretty graph that compares your wage increase (or lack thereof) to health insurance premiums increase, read on and figure out if you can come up with a better solution.  I’m one of the lucky few unemployed people who, thanks to the stimulus plan, can still afford her COBRA payments.  If I don’t have a job in 9 months (which is when Uncle Sam stops helping me out with my COBRA payments) I don’t know what I’m going to do for health care.  I’ll be even more broken then than I am now which is going to make private insurance pretty unrealistic…and I’m not going to be alone.  But at least I’m single and don’t have a family that relies on my health insurance too…and at least I’m fairly young and in good health (knock on wood).  But the cold hard facts are that the unemployment rate is climbing to 10% pretty quickly and the health care crisis is just going to get worse if we don’t do something about it soon.  As more people lose their jobs, I betting there are going to be a lot more sugarbabies on that site looking for sugardaddies and this time it’s going to be to pay their health insurance premium instead of college loans or fancy handbags.  There’s something about that sort of desperation that makes it hard to even joke about that site now.  Private health insurance companies aren’t going to lobby Congress or the White House to adopt a plan as radical as this one, so it’s up to the public.  Just something to chew on.  I also have to add that Health Law was one of the scariest classes I took in law school and this article seems to be over simplifying…a bit…but maybe I was over-thinking?  It would be unlike me…but perhaps.

Why consensus health care reform won’t work. – By Timothy Noah – Slate Magazine.

And here’s a Slate editorial response to the above article.  I think the title says it all and I’m too sleepy to ‘splain it to you.

Tim Noah Is Kidding Himself About Health Care Costs

Something ELSE I have in common with the Obamas!

Not only am I probably RELATED to the Prez (according to some TOTALLY accurate genealogy service Facebook wanted me to sign up for-Obama and I are 4th cousins!…I’m SO SURE it’s true!) but I TOO will be planting a vegetable garden this year!  It’s like we’re soulmates!  He was a Harvard Law Professor and on Law Review, I went to law school and started weekly pub crawls…he was a social activist in Chicago…I visited the windy city twice and was quite social…he grew up in Hawaii, I had a dream I was there last night! Shopping in a mall and supporting the economy! And now he’s planting a veggie garden sans beets and so am I!  We are just so connected!  I’m sure he feels it too…every time he eats a Five Guys’ Burger (author’s note…it is NOT a coincidence that Five Guys is now here in NYC and Brooklyn…they followed me…and that’s fine…I’m used to having a following…I’m just not sure I like what Five Guys following me all the way to Park Slope says about me, my expanding hips and ass, and my “diet”).

In all seriousness, gardening is a great way to grow your own cheap and delicious food. Veggies are better for you the closer to the ground you eat them-meaning, the longer they are out of the ground, the less beneficial they are for you…so if you pluck a tomato and eat it off the vine, you’re getting more from it. Plus starting a lettuce garden can save you at least $10 a week if you have a wicked salad habit like I do. Them mescaline greens is expensive. For reals y’all.

Obamas Prepare to Plant White House Vegetable Garden –

And the Captain Obvious Award goes to…The NY Times for this Headline!

White House Optimism Not Shared by Republicans –

Wow…Really?  You’re kidding?  Republicans don’t SHARE the White House’s Optimism?  That’s SHOCKING.  That’s never happened before.  I don’t know what the next year holds or what the next decade holds.  But I do know that it took lot’s of different people around the globe in many different fields to dig the economic hole we’re currently in.and it’s going to take a united effort involving everyone-from main street to wall street and around the globe to fix this.  Republicans can say whatever they want about plans…until they have something better, we’re sticking with what we’ve got.  Also, who got us into this mess?  8 years of a Republican White House…specifically George W. Bush.  Has anyone else noticed that Bush’s name is RARELY used now?  It’s almost as if they are trying to make American’s forget who was at the helm when the warning flares were signally…as if they want American’s to forget how many lives have been lost and how much money has been spent on wars in Afghanistan and Iraq…wars that we’re no closer to winning now than we were when we invaded.  Bankruptcy?  Oh yeah…Obama is the reason the country might be bankrupt in a few years…it has NOTHING to do with the tax cuts or stimulus checks or the FDIC not making banks pay their annual dues or unchecked spending by the former administration.

Obama’s Gay-Benefits ‘Conundrum’ — Daily Intel — New York News Blog — New York Magazine






Another take on the same issue.  Obama hasn’t repealed any of the broad powers Bush brought to the office of President.  There’s no reason why he can’t make health insurance for same sex spouses of federal employees happen.  Plenty of private employers have been doing this for ages…it’s time for the Federal Government to get on board and fast.  Bring on the ” furious grass-roots reaction” Gary!

Obama’s Gay-Benefits ‘Conundrum’ — Daily Intel — New York News Blog — New York Magazine.