Looking for some new outdoor bars in NYC?

Here’s Gothamist’s round up of the newish wave of rooftop/outdoor bars for those of you who have grown tired of the usual suspects (aka Gowanus Yacht Club, Astoria Beer Garden, Harry’s @ Water Taxi in LIC, and Habana Outpost).  Seems a wee bit Williamsburg heavy for my tastes but a good list all the same.  There’s rain on tap for tomorrow night but the rest of the weekend is supposed to be pretty nice.  I’m just happy it’s not sweltering yet.  So go out and get your outdoor drink on.  Nothing like tipping back a cold one on a sunny day at an outdoor bar.

Best NYC Bars for Outdoor Relaxing and Snacking – Gothamist.


Is there no hope for Sad Panda?

Even the beauty and tenderness of a child can not pierce the deepest despair of his depression.  What will it take to made Sad Panda happy???  I think an intervention is in order.  I want to go get my picture taken with him this weekend.  Maybe I’ll take him on a harbor cruise to remind him how fabulous NYC can be.  It’s so sad to see the light go dim in a panda.

Small Child Attempts to Comfort Sad Panda — Daily Intel — New York News Blog — New York Magazine.

Another list of more cheap eats for NYC

Nice list of “cheap” eats but a list without $1 dumplings and $4 banh mi ain’t no list at all.  Burger Joint is a must for everyone living or visiting NYC but I’m not sure that I’d agree their burgers are the best in the city.  I’m woefully unfamiliar with the rest…something I plan on changing as soon as I get my inaugural trip to the new Baja Fresh out of the way.  I love me some Baja Fresh!!!!  But it is neither cheap nor healthy…lord is it not healthy.  Do NOT look at the nutritional info.  It made my heart sink and my sphincter contract.

Gridskipper: Dirt Cheap New York Eats.

Hipster looking for work? There’s maybe a TV show looking for you!

If lookatthisfuckinghipster.com is popular, then how can a show about hipsters NOT be popular?  Actually, if it’s Bravo and they tackle it with the same panache they use for Real Housewives, then it should be a slam-dunk!  I would totally watch it…but only if they can find hipsters who are true freak shows.  There’s only so much posing and namedropping and waxing poetic about Animal Collective I can watch.  Although getting to see these peeps with their families would be highly educational.  How a hipster develops, where they come from, and how they came to be and what the people who support them are like-that’s interesting!  It should be called Trustifarians.  THAT is what the show should be about…although…to be honest, the economy has really hit everyone pretty hard.  A lot of those trust funds aren’t as padded as they used to be.  Well, I’m interested to see what they produce here.  Maybe they can get hipsters from different cities.  NY does NOT have the corner market on hipsters.  Has anyone been to LA recently?  In all honesty, I really only hit one hipster bar but what killed me was that everyone was from the east coast.  I’m beginning to wonder if it’s just an east coast thing.  Is that a good thing?  Bad thing?  I don’t really know…On the one hand, I love hipsters…I love giggling at the argyle knee socks and cowboy boots…the femullets…the boys in poor eyeliner and kmart dock shoes…but on the other hand, I really don’t want to be surrounded by them.  The nice thing about New York is you’re never surrounded by just one group.  It really is a melting pot and if you don’t like the people, walk five blocks-the flavor is sure to change.

Self-Identifying Hipsters Wanted for Reality-TV Show — Daily Intel — New York News Blog — New York Magazine.

St. Francis Swine Flu Fail

So the swine flu has landed here in NYC and who brought it in?  Students returning from Cancun for Spring Break!  Most people bring some sort of disease or ugly bug back from Spring Break in Mexico but one of these lucky kids just became the city’s patient zero.  I can almost make out the inspiring college application essay that this experience is sure to produce.  I just wish they’d been doing something a wee bit less douchey than partying in Cancun…like charity work?  Or maybe work of any kind?  Who can afford to go to Cancun these days anyway?  Not to sound old fashioned, but WHERE ARE THE PARENTS?  My parents would still be laughing at me if I’d asked to go to Cancun for spring break in high school and I’m 31…I can see it now…we’d be sitting at the table eating dinner and then one of them would look at me and start giggling…and then they’d make eye contact and break out into side splitting laughter and say “Do you remember that TIME you asked us (HA!) if you could go (omg…it’s TOO much!  phew) to Spring Break…in Cancun!  THAT was HYSTERICAL!  You have SUCH a great sense of humor…your father and I still laugh about that ALL THE TIME!”

Also, award to St. Francis for having a reunion with classes dating back to 1939 on Saturday while you’re swabbing and disinfecting the school…actually, you can’t even tell from the story if they disinfected before, during or after the party.  Brilliant!  What were they thinking?-“There’s no reason to let between 8-1oo cases of swine flu stop us from inviting a bunch of old people to party the night away here…we could never even consider relocating or postponing the party…I’m sure the old people from the class of 1939 are TOTALLY tough enough to take on a little swine flu…”  THAT is a high school reunion FAIL…bigger fail than the stripper story.

Jezebel – Swine Flu Confirmed In New York City – Swine flu.

Guilty as charged and trying to avoid being a repeat offender

In addition to the swine flu, there’s a “failure to launch’ epidemic sweeping the nation.  The financial apocalypse is forcing ‘children’ (actually they are adults which makes it a little less confusing…I was picturing a bunch of ragamuffin kids from Oliver Twist when I first read ‘children’…I need more coffee) to move back in with their parents.  I’ll be honest…I totally lived at home with the folks in 2001 when I was laid off…it wasn’t so bad.  My parents live in DC, have a nice place…lot’s of space…but I’d rather live in a cardboard box than be a repeat offender.  Unfortunately, for many ‘children’ there are no other options.  The trend echos what happened during the first depression when children, parents and grandparents often lived together in one dwelling.  I can say from experience that the odds of their being a ‘next generation’ are greatly decreased when you move home.  Nothing downgrades your game like moving home with mom and pop…although it does add a high school-like quality to everything.  Nothing says “get ready for sexy times” like “You have to be quiet-I don’t want to wake my parents” when you bring adult friends home.  But with more people springing for the stay-at-home-with-the folks option, at least there’s safety in numbers and I bet these people will be in WAY better financial shape than me in 9 months.  Rent, especially in NY is EXPENSIVE.  There was an article featured on Gothamist recently that discussed how even though rents are going down up here, the percentage of income that goes towards rent has risen drastically.  More NYC residents than ever have over 50% of their income going towards rent.  That’s barely scrapping by.  So I guess the good news is that if the economy doesn’t get you, maybe the pig flu will?

Back Home to Roost – washingtonpost.com.

It’s happening here too…


What do people have against pillows?  Don’t people realize that there are tons of people who don’t have pillows?  Or who would love better non-feathered pillows?  What did pillows do to you?  And, seriously…not to sound like a conservative grandma…or pull a Bill Murray in “What About Bob”…but…seriously…folks…this city has a RAGING BED BUG PROBLEM…so you’re going to stage an event where everyone gathers their PILLOWS and goes to one place?  And breaks them open?  Just burn your clothes after.  I’m kind of happy it’s happening at Wall Street and not some place I actually visit or sleep on the regular.  Wall Street could use some bed bugs.  I’m really not even sure if you can spread them with a pillow fight…everything I’ve read has made me so freaking paranoid.  I hate bed bugs.  Really I do.  

Your perfect weekend – Time Out New York .