YES! 16 more weeks of getting paid to do nothing!

Gov. Paterson signed a bill that gives New York residents 16 more weeks of unemployment!  That brings the grand total to 18 months!  I guess that’s why NY residents have been getting less unemployment than CT and NJ!  Now it all makes sense!  Unemployment is great and all but I’m sure most people would prefer a job.

Unlucky: Thirteen More Weeks Of Unemployment Benefits In New York State.


Where the Wild Things Are…is also where the jobs are

Forbes just released a list of the worst cities for job searching and the best.  Anchorage is up at the top of the list!  Apparently they have tons of health care jobs and some other stuff going on.  There are certainly some interesting towns but most of the job growth seems to be in seasonal industries like tourism or agriculture.  It’s certainly an interesting slide show and it’s fun to day-dream about being an apple farmer…of course the dream is a little different than the reality.

Where The Jobs Are, Spring 2009 –

Dream Job: Talent Scout?




As someone who is overly critical of everything/everyone around her, this might be a winner por moi!  This article pretty much flies in the face of everything else I’ve read about the recruiting industry but I guess it makes sense that as the few companies with open spots are being indudated with three times the amount of job applicants, they need some help spotting the keepers and the losers…oh-sorry-less qualified applicants-which is pretty much everyone since you’ve got former CEOs, lawyers, and grad schoolers applying for everything from UPS delivery man to receptionist.  Good times.  Anyhoo, I also LOVE the idea of “hunting for game-changing stars”…sounds so Predator…so carnal.  Love it!  Unfortch I’m pretty sure the reality is that it’s a lot of paper fights just like lawyering.  Either way, sounds like an intersting gig…and I’m happy to hear this industry is still alive and thriving in areas since everything I’ve been reading implied that recruiters themselves were job hunting for other careers.   

The Secrets of the Talent Scouts –

Tired of Looking for Work, Some Create Their Own –

As my job hunt enters it’s fourth week and prospects are looking worse and worse, the idea of starting my own business is sexy and alluring.  No more bosses or offices!  I can work as hard or as not hard as I want.  Unfortunately, finding that *special* skill that separates me from the maddening crowd…that passion that drives me…that one thing I can bring to the internet market place that no one else can continues to elude me.  Fortunately, for this dude, jellyfish are hot right now and so is the technology that allows you to keep them in your home…as pets?  Oh and he also knows how to make the tanks!

In all seriousness starting your own business and doing your own work right now is a fabulous idea…and it’s new business ideas like this one that will help pull the economy out of recession and even depression.  But it’s important to avoid assuming too much personal financial risk when setting up a new business.  Suze Orman has a WHOLE book on it.  Check it out before you start your own Cash-4-Gold shop out of your basement.

Tired of Looking for Work, Some Create Their Own –

An argument in favor of creative loafing

Relax and take it inI’ve read this article before (even though they have edited and reprinted it this week) and thought that it made some interesting and very valid points…especially about how quickly you realize how little you need so many of the things you spend the most money on.  

At most full-time jobs I’ve had, my first thought upon the close of the workday was to get to the nearest bar and drink until the previous eight hours had been permanently obliterated from my memory. Hence, happy hour. This can run up quite a bar tab, especially after several months of building up a tolerance (not to mention the hard miles on your liver). I also ate out every single day, often two or three times, both because I had no time to cook and also because after sitting in a windowless room for eight hours and then in traffic for two more, I was so understimulated that I needed sensation, any sensation. Heroin would have been ideal, but most of the time I settled for Taco Bell. Same with intermittent shopping sprees. When you’re miserable, you buy things. It’s the American Way; whatever your problem, there’s a product that can solve it. Have a bad day? Buy some jeans! Just realize that your best years are a distant memory? Buy a big car! This is why a lot of people who make six figures still live check to check—perhaps this 50-inch plasma screen/Louis Vuitton bag/waterfront condo will make my soul hurt less?

I also love the idea of this guy sending a boss who fired him flowers with his first unemployment check…with a lewd drawing of course.  

Doing More With Less – Cover Story – Washington City Paper.

Umm…what if I can’t even figure out what personality I am?

Maybe I want to be this guy...because I'm social and artistic and like being tall...

So CNN and Career Builder have slapped together this little list of personalities and jobs that match!  ACES!  I LOVE that \”What Color Is Your Parachute\ kind of crap…(note to self…read “What Color is Your Parachute…no excuses…you totes have the time…and March weather is crappy) and no one’s parachute seems to be functioning in this economy…  The problem for moi is that I feel like I’m a little of each of these personalities…until I get to the jobs.  Also, what is a “perfumer”?  Is that like those guys that sell incense on the F train?  

So basically this list doesn’t get me any closer to my dream job…but it is interesting to see what these peeps make…supposedly.  

Does your career fit your personality? –

So apparently there are jobs…if Fox News is to be believed…

I’m kind of cursing myself for even putting this link up here…so I’m also posting a clip of Nas protesting Fox News.  That’s fair…right? – Help Wanted: Two Million Jobs Open Across Range of Industries – Local News | News Articles | National News | US News.