Where the Jobs Are

There’s plenty of hiring going on…just probably not for your dream job…unless you want to be a “fry guy”.  Also, there are 4 1/3 unemployed Americans for every job opening.  Now that’s some reality for you.  And the people hiring don’t want you to take a job ‘just until things better’…even if it is as a cashier at Fairway…they want you to be in it for the long haul.  Le sigh.  What’s a former lawyer/blogger to do in this economy?

Jobless Rate May Be High, but Millions Are Being Hired – NYTimes.com.


Have an Iphone but no job?

Who would have thought the iphone would ever cater to the unemployed?  I will admit to being a jackass who has an iphone and no job.  I do love it though.  It’s my precious…and unemployment has me looking a little like Gollum.

Here’s a quick run down of applications that will help you keep up current with the job search while you’re at the beach or collecting benefits or being an extra in a movie…or whatever it is you do with your time.

The Best iPhone Apps for the Unemployed – Reviews by PC Magazine.

Now THIS is a Cover Letter

Not sure if this cover letter will land anyone a job but it’s a brilliant and funny idea…two adjectives rarely seen in conjunction with ‘cover letter’.  The applicant takes all of his rejection letter lemons and turns them into cover letter lemonade.  Stroke of genius.  

I would have to say cover letters are my LEAST favorite thing in the world.  If I could hire someone to write them for me I would.  Any takers?  I’m actually not bad at writing them for other people…I just can’t stand to do it for myself.  Le sigh.  


Cover Letter ATL

REMINDER: Happy Free Resume Printing Day! March 10th!






I was just going to go to the opening of my friend’s art exhibit tomorrow but now I REALLY have something to do.  Fed Ex will print 25 black-and-white resume copies per costumer tomorrow.  Resume paper is expensive, y’all.  So if you’re unemployed or extremely disatisfied with your job…or think you might be losing it soon-haul tail to your nearest Fed Ex!  

Free: FedEx Offices Offering Free Resume Printing Tomorrow.