Phone Interview? Some helpful hints from Lifehacker including what to wear (hint: not your robe)

I’ve only ever done a few phone interviews and thought they went well enough but none of them ever resulted in a face-to-face interview.  Clearly I need to brush up.  While it may seem strange, experts say that dressing for your phone interview just as you would  for an in person interview has proven results.  It helps get you into the proper frame of mind and keeps the atmosphere professional, no matter where you are answering employment’s call.  Other tidbits include using keeping notes and your resume handing, make sure you’re on a good hard line that won’t get interrupted, and practice with a friend before the call.

Lifehacker – Nail Your Next Phone Interview by Dressing Up – Job search.


I am the ABSOLUTE WORST at salary negotiations

So this is a tres interesting read for me…not that I’m in the midst of any salary negotiations at present…nor do I assume there will be any negotiating during my next interview since I’m so desperate at this point I’d pretty much take anything.  I guess that counts as tipping my hand?  But I’m pretty sure no future employers are reading this blog…or anyone else for that matter.  Anyhoo, file this article under good to know and break it out when and if you’re negotiating next!

Lifehacker – Avoid Tipping Your Hand in Salary Negotiations – Salary Negotiation.

YES! 16 more weeks of getting paid to do nothing!

Gov. Paterson signed a bill that gives New York residents 16 more weeks of unemployment!  That brings the grand total to 18 months!  I guess that’s why NY residents have been getting less unemployment than CT and NJ!  Now it all makes sense!  Unemployment is great and all but I’m sure most people would prefer a job.

Unlucky: Thirteen More Weeks Of Unemployment Benefits In New York State.

*NEAT* 200 jobs ranked

If you are like me and constantly wondering what other jobs require, pay, and are like, then this article should be pretty interesting.  It’s a ranking of 200 jobs, what they are, what they do, and where they are.  I’m sort of an employment voyeur at this point…love learning about what everyone does, how they got there, and what their typical day is like.  To date, I think I’ve worked in 10 different fields…I’m hoping to slow my roll a little bit and figure out what field and job are a proper fit but I don’t seem much closer.  But along the way I’ve learned certain things about office environments and types of work that appeal and repel so I guess I’m making some progress.  Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. A Comprehensive Ranking of 200 Different Jobs –

Real Simple keeps it simple: How to find a job

Real Simple, as the name of the mag implies, tends to take complicated issues like cleaning and relationships and breaks them down into easy to read lists and articles.  They’ve slapped together a decent little job how-to.  I think I’ve featured articles that deal with most of these issues in depth but for those of you looking for a simple list, here you go!

How to Find (and Keep) a Job.

Dream Job: Talent Scout?




As someone who is overly critical of everything/everyone around her, this might be a winner por moi!  This article pretty much flies in the face of everything else I’ve read about the recruiting industry but I guess it makes sense that as the few companies with open spots are being indudated with three times the amount of job applicants, they need some help spotting the keepers and the losers…oh-sorry-less qualified applicants-which is pretty much everyone since you’ve got former CEOs, lawyers, and grad schoolers applying for everything from UPS delivery man to receptionist.  Good times.  Anyhoo, I also LOVE the idea of “hunting for game-changing stars”…sounds so Predator…so carnal.  Love it!  Unfortch I’m pretty sure the reality is that it’s a lot of paper fights just like lawyering.  Either way, sounds like an intersting gig…and I’m happy to hear this industry is still alive and thriving in areas since everything I’ve been reading implied that recruiters themselves were job hunting for other careers.   

The Secrets of the Talent Scouts –

Two takes on Biglaw to ProBono

ATL and CNN both featured articles on BigLaw lawyers transitioning to ProBono and volunteer work…but the messages could not be more different.  Read it and weep…as with so many articles about the legal field these days:

Public Interest Jobs Won’t Fall Into Your Lap – Above the Law – A Legal Tabloid – News, Gossip, and Colorful Commentary on Law Firms and the Legal Profession.

and CNN:

Plan B…how does it pay the bills again?