And now to the dirtiest desks in America

After celebrating some of the cleanest, sexiest, most stylish desks the country has to offer on Apartment Therapy, Gizmodo has posted some of the most disgusting.  Pookie, if you’re reading, take a snapshot and send it in!  I feel like I’m really flirting with the bottom of the barrel in many different subjects this week…dirty desks, Yonkers Raceway, the internet with a search for colonoscopy bags…I need a moment…ok I’m back.  So enjoy these disasters.

Photo Contest: Good Lord, You People Are All Slobs.


And for those of you who giggle at the AT Home offices…




My mother emailed me that the home offices featured on Apartment Therapy don’t look like functional home offices at all…that they look more like Victorian writing desks that are just as poorly lit and barely functional.  My mother and I differ in a GREAT many ways…one of the most extreme is ‘work space’.  I can’t stand clutter.  It drives me mad.  In college and law school I had to have a clean apartment in order to study.  While it was a method of procrastination, it also helped me feel calm and much less distracted.  My mother, on the other hand, has one of the most cluttered home ‘offices’ I’ve ever seen.  First, its SMACK in the middle of our kitchen AND family room.  It is literally at the center of the action.  The TV is blaring, dinner’s cooking, phone is ringing, and mother sits there at her stuffed desk happily typing away and tuning it all out.  She thrives in that environment.  That is NOT how I work.  HERE is an article for her.  I’ve tried to organize and reorganize her desk area time and time again but to no avail.  This is an article for you Ma Mere.  You need help 😀  

Custom Solutions to Office Clutter –

More Inspirational Home Offices from Apartment Therapy

I only read it for the pictures.  Actually, that’s not true…some of their articles are pretty *neat* as well.  But almost all of their pictures take me places I’d rather be.  My apt and work space are getting there but they’re still a long ways off from being called “inspired” or “peaceful” or “fabulous”…baby steps…So until mine is ready, enjoy these!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | The Home Office: Balancing Comfort, Function, and Style.

Big Law IS Broken…further thoughts

The last time I was laid off (in 2001) there was BIG talk of everyone moving home to work-virtual offices-no more snow days because you’d wake up and be IN your office.  Great news for moms and dads, and people who do their best work in the buff-just great news all around.  And then it never really came to fruition.  Sounds like some lawyers are now making a go of it.  The idea is great-I’m just not sure how well it plays out.  In related news, I’ve heard about a few people losing their office jobs only to be hired back as freelance which means they don’t have health insurance or other benefits.  I could see this ‘home’ trend expanding if it includes freelancers.

Recession Sends Lawyers Home –


More thoughts from another blog regarding yesterday’s Post article.  The Repricing post has it my less than expert opinion.

Risky Business Blog on Big Law Firm Model

My next home?

I figure if this 12 year old can build it, I shoul be able to, right?  Anyone have a front yard for me to crash out in?  This actually looks pretty cool.  If I really run out of things to do, jobs to apply for, and find myself watching a six hour lifetime moving starting Antonio Sabato Jr., maybe I’ll do this instead…It’s actually pretty cool.  

Inhabitat » 12-Year-Old Whiz Kid Makes Homeless Shelter from Trash.

Weekend Project: HOME OFFICE!

For Real
For Real

As much as an ‘office’ is the last thing you want to think about when you get home from work, it has become the most important room of the house/area of the apt for people trying to freelance, applying for jobs or even just doing taxes.  Here’s some inspiration from Apartment Therapy.  My home office is just so glamorous that I can’t share it…it would just upset everyone…and would enrage the green eyed monster in all.  Truth be told, my ‘home office’ (it’s just a desk…dare to dream-we might get a file cabinet!) makes me feel like I’m in pre-school again.  We have one of those elfa systems (I feel like I’m in that opening bit of “fight club” where the camera pans and the entire apartment is Ikea furniture with the little names and blurbs) but it was set up by and for my boyfriend…who’s 6ft 7inches.  Needless to say, I’m not near 6ft 7inches…no offense to any ladies out there who are…you’re big and beautiful and don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise…so the desk dosn’t really fit me but I’m making it work and looking for some inspiration myself.  I like my work spaces to be challenging!  It reminds me of my childhood home…my dad was a carpenter so there were rusty nails and power saws everywhere…the fact that I survived with all of my limbs is a miracle.  HAPPY WEEKEND Y’ALL!

Home Office Inspiration