It is officially cheaper for me to be in Las Vegas

Hotels are $10 a night in Vegas!  That’s like YMCA prices in the 70’s!  Even the people living in tent villages in Hoovervilles around the country should be able to afford that.  Perhaps that’s the answer for thousands of families who are now homeless thanks to the mortgage crisis.  And it’s a good thing Vegas has been making itself more ‘family friendly’ for the past two decades!  If only Vegas had better heroin Williamsburg could send the hipster hobos there…maybe market it as what Hunter S. Thompson would have wanted them to do.

So the economy is supposedly on the rebound but no one seems to have bothered to let Vegas know.  I feel like Vegas should already be a fairly attractive option for homeless peeps.  It has to be a freegan dream with the all you can eat buffets and extreme meals.  There are TONS of tourists so you should be able to beg off an unlimited amount of ever changing strangers.  I’ve never heard of anyone having trouble getting drugs there and you can turn $1 into THOUSANDS!  Plus if you’re pretty like Demi Moore, sometimes millionaires will pay for you to play dress-up, ride on helicopters, blow on their dice (wink-wink, nudge-nudge) and then send you home with a healthy chunk of change for your troubles!  It’s a win for vegas and a win for hobos!

Las Vegas Discount Hotels.

Oh wait-I just remembered why I could never live there…their drunk dance-off’s SUCK!  Who am I kidding…any drunk dance off is awesome.  Any dance off is awesome.  Turn your audio down unless you can’t get enough of drunk girls screaming.