Inspiring…especially on the media’s swine flu day

This is an interesting and short story about a local doctor who’s set up a non-profit for treating the city’s restaurant workers.  He collects a dollar from each restaurant for each month for each seat they have.  In turn, their employees can come in for health care whenever and for whatever.  According to the article, the percentage of restaurant workers sans health insurance maybe as high as 75%.  It’s an inspiring story and Dr. Ores maybe expanding to a neighborhood near you.  He’s looking to branch out into Williamsburg and continues to reach out to more restaurants in the Lower East Side.

City Visible – On the Menu, Free Medical Care –


Le Jez takes on the Health Insurance debacle

I’m just thrilled to pieces that people are talking about health care at long last.  I don’t know a single person who’s had a seamless and easy time with their health care-be it public or private.  It took me three tries to get an MRI this winter and that’s nothing compared to the myriad of other stories out there.  Kate Michelman does a good job of explaining exactly how someone who thinks they have plenty of insurance can wake up to discover they owe thousands of dollars for necessary medical treatment.  I really hope change is on the way because we are about to have millions more people joining the ranks of uninsured…and when that happens it impacts the entire system.  There are no easy answers and it’s going to take our best and brightest to try and figure out a solution we can all live with.

Jezebel – NARAL President’s Ordeal: The Ugly Side Of American Health Care – Kate michelman health insurance.

Obama’s Gay-Benefits ‘Conundrum’ — Daily Intel — New York News Blog — New York Magazine






Another take on the same issue.  Obama hasn’t repealed any of the broad powers Bush brought to the office of President.  There’s no reason why he can’t make health insurance for same sex spouses of federal employees happen.  Plenty of private employers have been doing this for ages…it’s time for the Federal Government to get on board and fast.  Bring on the ” furious grass-roots reaction” Gary!

Obama’s Gay-Benefits ‘Conundrum’ — Daily Intel — New York News Blog — New York Magazine.

Same Sex Marriage Health Insurance Benefits-YES WE CAN!

The federal government STILL isn’t giving benefits to spouses in same sex marriages.  UNREAL.  This just seems like such a no brainer!  Unfortch Obama does seem to kind of drop the ball when it comes to these issues.  I have high hopes-healthcare is one of his big issues-how can he push for healthcare and then turn around and not provide it to his own employees!

Obama on Spot Over a Benefit to Gay Couples –

How to Handle Getting the Axe

There are very few people in the world who can get laid off gracefully…I’ve been laid off twice and, both times, cried like a baby…it was not ideal…and in both cases it was expected…and I never cry!  It was humiliating, tres strange and I can’t explain why it happened…TWICE.  If you can keep it together that’s huge.  I did keep my mouth shut this time, and was taking notes, and didn’t sign anything the day of.  ABSOLUTELY don’t sign anything before you leave the office and make sure you carefully review all of the documents they give you.  Typically, if there’s something to sign, there’s a window-a week, two weeks, maybe even a month-for you to look it over and maybe even get some professional advice regarding the situation.  Do it…and if things don’t seem right to you, talk to the HR department, get them to explain terms…and if they don’t seem right in the letter, make edits and submit them.  HR departments won’t always incorporate your changes but it’s worth a shot.  Terms should be clearly defined-that’s better for both you and your company.  Make sure they explain that they have eliminated your position in the letter and that the termination is not for cause.  Little details like this can make a big difference down the line.

The one thing I did that really helped was I kept things light at the office meaning I didn’t bring a ton of stuff in so I only had a few small items to pack up.  The office was a bit of a pit anyway…we never new when a pipe was going to burst or the whole thing was going to go up in flames…best to keep things from getting too cluttered.  If you know or think you’re going to be given the boot, clean your desk and take personal items home.  As previously stated, I knew it was coming…except that I thought it was going to happen in September.  Having only a few personal items at my desk saved me the humiliation of carrying a big box home or having to come back and spend an afternoon packing with a coworker watching to make sure I don’t steal any company property on my way out…sounds harsh…and imagine how your coworker feels…but that’s how a LOT of companies roll these days.

Another suggestion, especially if this is your first job or early in your career and you have a good relationship with the job you’re leaving, get a letter of recommendation.  It’s hard to think about when you’re there and in the moment but it’s actually the best time to ask for it.  Trust me, it’s going to take a lot more effort-emotional and otherwise, once your out the door.  And it’s a good thing to try and get before you sign the termination letter and other paperwork.

So that’s my 2 cents and here’s a Time article that goes into greater and more professional detail.  Also, I had no idea Costco was offering health insurance!  THAT is crazy.

What to Do If You Get Laid Off – TIME.

It eat pretty good, don’t it?

Unemployed? Broke? Not above using coupons?  Get your free sub on!  At Quiznos!  Personally, I’ve never had a Quiznos sub…and I’m pretty sure a meatball sub-not matter how free-is the last thing my fat ass needs right now.  But the rest of you should hit it up!

Learn How to Get a Free Sub | Quiznos Million Sub Giveaway.

Also, the “eat pretty good, don’t it?” is a reference to the now infamous rant of the esteemed Representative Alvin Holmes of Alabama’s 78th district:


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I have already posted about this but it’s SUCH an important part of the Stimulus plan that people need to be paying attention to NOW. If you’ve been laid off since September 1, 2008, you should read this article on the COBRA section of the new Stimulus plan. Until now, COBRA has been so expensive it’s almost not an option for the recently unemployed. Thanks to the new President’s Stimulus Plan, COBRA is finally affordable. Under the new plan, your employer has to cover 65% of your COBRA costs (the employer is then reimbursed by the US Treasury-but that’s not your concern!). As I’ve said before, I think this is a HUGE step in the right direction. To see Suze Orman’s take on it, skip down to my first posting.

COBRA Stimulus Plan – How the COBRA Premium Subsidy will Help More Get COBRA Benefits