Le Jez takes on the Health Insurance debacle

I’m just thrilled to pieces that people are talking about health care at long last.  I don’t know a single person who’s had a seamless and easy time with their health care-be it public or private.  It took me three tries to get an MRI this winter and that’s nothing compared to the myriad of other stories out there.  Kate Michelman does a good job of explaining exactly how someone who thinks they have plenty of insurance can wake up to discover they owe thousands of dollars for necessary medical treatment.  I really hope change is on the way because we are about to have millions more people joining the ranks of uninsured…and when that happens it impacts the entire system.  There are no easy answers and it’s going to take our best and brightest to try and figure out a solution we can all live with.

Jezebel – NARAL President’s Ordeal: The Ugly Side Of American Health Care – Kate michelman health insurance.


Health Care Reform-YES WE CAN-and why we have to

Very interesting article on the current health care crisis and one that every American should read.  If the pretty graph that compares your wage increase (or lack thereof) to health insurance premiums increase, read on and figure out if you can come up with a better solution.  I’m one of the lucky few unemployed people who, thanks to the stimulus plan, can still afford her COBRA payments.  If I don’t have a job in 9 months (which is when Uncle Sam stops helping me out with my COBRA payments) I don’t know what I’m going to do for health care.  I’ll be even more broken then than I am now which is going to make private insurance pretty unrealistic…and I’m not going to be alone.  But at least I’m single and don’t have a family that relies on my health insurance too…and at least I’m fairly young and in good health (knock on wood).  But the cold hard facts are that the unemployment rate is climbing to 10% pretty quickly and the health care crisis is just going to get worse if we don’t do something about it soon.  As more people lose their jobs, I betting there are going to be a lot more sugarbabies on that site looking for sugardaddies and this time it’s going to be to pay their health insurance premium instead of college loans or fancy handbags.  There’s something about that sort of desperation that makes it hard to even joke about that site now.  Private health insurance companies aren’t going to lobby Congress or the White House to adopt a plan as radical as this one, so it’s up to the public.  Just something to chew on.  I also have to add that Health Law was one of the scariest classes I took in law school and this article seems to be over simplifying…a bit…but maybe I was over-thinking?  It would be unlike me…but perhaps.

Why consensus health care reform won’t work. – By Timothy Noah – Slate Magazine.

And here’s a Slate editorial response to the above article.  I think the title says it all and I’m too sleepy to ‘splain it to you.

Tim Noah Is Kidding Himself About Health Care Costs

The Do-it-Yourself Health Care Kit | The Root




Nice little list of what you should do to stay healthy when you lose your health insurance.  In the past, I’ve skated by sans insurance and it totally changed the way I looked at the world…every intersection was a possible car crash with me in the middle, no hiking, biking, or skiing…basically anything that happens outside with an ‘ing’ on the end.  Also no meat with bones…I don’t want to die like Mama Cass…  And what he says about the chillin’s is TOO true.  I love kids…but only when I have health insurance.  They seem to go to school and day care JUST to trade viruses and bacteria and bring it home to you.  I would also add having doctor friends who can tell you when you need to bring it in or when they can phone you in a Rx.  THAT is key.  


The Do-it-Yourself Health Care Kit | The Root.