Stay Green: Best Green Hotels

Here’s a quick list of Green Hotels around the country!  Something to think about when you’re traveling.  Of course the greenest way to travel is to camp but when you can’t, these look like some incredible alternatives!

Gridskipper: Top Picks: Green Hotels.


It may be cold and grey today…

But it’s going to be FABULOUS this weekend!  A true taste of summer so get the SPF out and go drink a libation in the sun!  Even though outdoor space is rare in Manhattan, gridskipper has put together a neat little list with a nice outdoor spot in every hood!  Check it out and get your drink on.  I’m totally checking out Bar Reis this weekend.  Havana Outpost is awesome too-and GREEN!  Their solar panels will be pumping LOT’s of juice back into the grid this weekend!

Gridskipper: NYC Drinking in the Great Outdoors.

Where I’d rather be right now

Wine Me

Ah Gridskipper…a  little shaky today after a rough weekend…on the technology front…but they put together a DAMN fine list of Parisian Brasseries…I so wish I could trade this grey raining day in Brooklyn for the comfort of some deep red wine and some choucroute!  So if you have a job, save up your pennies so you can afford to take a trip if and when you get the axe and not suffer through this shit weather.

Gridskipper: The Stunning Brasseries of Paris.

Travel Porn: Paris

Mais Oui

On this cold grey day in Brooklyn, it’s hard not to let the mind wander and ponder other places I’d rather be right now…and then I came across this gridskipper of Brasseries in Paris.  Gridskipper might officially be reading my mind.  Earlier this week they detailed all the best irish bars in San Fran RIGHT when I was thinking-where the fuck am I going to drink this St. Patrick’s day?  Brilliant!  Anyhoo, day-dreaming about travel is something I do regardless of my environment.  I do it in the office, at home, on the subway, while hiking, walking in the park-it just happens.  I think about travel almost as much as men think about sex…once every six seconds.  So here’s my first installment of Travel Porn.  I can’t actually afford to travel anywhere but that doesn’t mean I can’t think about it…all the time!

Gridskipper: The Stunning Brasseries of Paris.