It may be cold and grey today…

But it’s going to be FABULOUS this weekend!  A true taste of summer so get the SPF out and go drink a libation in the sun!  Even though outdoor space is rare in Manhattan, gridskipper has put together a neat little list with a nice outdoor spot in every hood!  Check it out and get your drink on.  I’m totally checking out Bar Reis this weekend.  Havana Outpost is awesome too-and GREEN!  Their solar panels will be pumping LOT’s of juice back into the grid this weekend!

Gridskipper: NYC Drinking in the Great Outdoors.

Where I’d rather be right now

Wine Me

Ah Gridskipper…a  little shaky today after a rough weekend…on the technology front…but they put together a DAMN fine list of Parisian Brasseries…I so wish I could trade this grey raining day in Brooklyn for the comfort of some deep red wine and some choucroute!  So if you have a job, save up your pennies so you can afford to take a trip if and when you get the axe and not suffer through this shit weather.

Gridskipper: The Stunning Brasseries of Paris.

Travel Porn: Paris

Mais Oui

On this cold grey day in Brooklyn, it’s hard not to let the mind wander and ponder other places I’d rather be right now…and then I came across this gridskipper of Brasseries in Paris.  Gridskipper might officially be reading my mind.  Earlier this week they detailed all the best irish bars in San Fran RIGHT when I was thinking-where the fuck am I going to drink this St. Patrick’s day?  Brilliant!  Anyhoo, day-dreaming about travel is something I do regardless of my environment.  I do it in the office, at home, on the subway, while hiking, walking in the park-it just happens.  I think about travel almost as much as men think about sex…once every six seconds.  So here’s my first installment of Travel Porn.  I can’t actually afford to travel anywhere but that doesn’t mean I can’t think about it…all the time!

Gridskipper: The Stunning Brasseries of Paris.