More Ideas for Gardens in Small Places

Quick round up of AT’s favorite small veggie gardens.  I’m in love with number 4!  Looks like the perfect way to take advantage of a small space by stacking and growing vertically.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | 10 Inspiring Gardens for Growing Food in Small Spaces.


Don’t Forget: TO DO: A Saturday night event you can Afford!

’cause it’s FREE!  On March 28th at 8:30pm celebrate Lights Off!  People around the world will turn off their lights and go outside to spend quality energy free time with friends, family and neighbors.

I’m excited to see how New Yorkers will celebrate since so few people have outdoor space and it’s really hard to entertain friends in the dark at your apt…send me your thoughts and ideas!  I want to see how people are going to celebrate.  Also, March 28th is a bit of a gamble.  I know it’s ‘spring’ but March can still be SUPER cold here…it might be a little bit of a challenge to pull that off if it’s 32 degrees outside.  It would be really neat if people got together in Central Park…not in the biblical sense but spent that time using a national park and not using energy…but Central Park tends to keep it pretty real after sundown…Anyhoo, the forecast ain’t great (high of 51 with showers) but it’s an easy way to do something for the environment AND save some MONEY!!!  Just do it!

Inhabitat » LIGHTS OUT: Earth Hour Goes Global on March 28th!.

Target and MIO go Eco together

Target and MIO just debuted a fabulous line of eco friendly products that are also wallet friendly!  I’m regretting the fact that I just bought a new herb garden at Lowes this weekend!  Growing my own herbs saves me tons of money and I’m going to try and grow some vegetables and maybe even some berries…dare to dream!  There’s also another great article on Inhabitat today about how to conserve 40% of your water heater use by installing a new eco drain!  It’s a wee bit more involved than just buying some herbs in a biodegradable container, but it could save tons of $$$

Inhabitat » MIO Debuts Line of Eco Prodcuts for Target!.