This makes me laugh and cry and the same time

Where I'll go to avoid the Glenn Beck "Comedy" Tour

Glenn Beck really is an amazing American.  So amazing that it’s not enough to have a TV show with millions of viewers…sorry…I need a moment…typing that made me throw up a little bit in my mouth.  Phew.  Ok.  So it’s not enough to have the TV show-he needs to take this shit on the road!  And come to YOU, America!  That’s right!  He’s taking his “humor” on the road.  Now, I don’t claim to be an avid viewer but I have seen the show a few times.  When it wasn’t making me furious and spitting mad, I did laugh a few times but only when Glenn cried.  That’s right…the only thing that makes me laugh are the tears of pale doughy neo-conservative freak shows who are too busy digging a deep hole of hypocrisy (but I actually just type hypocrazy and REALLY like that word now…even though it’s not a real word) to realize that they are a laughing stock.  I can’t WAIT to hear what his jokes are going to be!

Glenn Beck Comedy Tour Announced.