DIY Storage and Organization Projects




Neat DIY storage projects…they seem to be mostly desk/office storage but perhaps the ideas could be expanded and applied to other areas.  Totally makes me wish I had some vintage suitcases lying around.  Unfortunately, my grandmother’s suitcases were super loud with hard plastic casing and political stickers.  Don’t get me wrong…it’s a look…but it’s a LOT Of look.  

Apartment Therapy New York | 5 DIY Storage & Organization Ideas Better Homes & Gardens.


Yard Sale How-To from Apartment Therapy

Got some stuff to sell?  Looking for cash in the attic?  Here’s a how-to for you.  There is an serious art to hosting a good yard sale and making some cash.  Having plenty of change is GREAT advice.  A bunch of my friends are going to get together and have a yard sale when the weather warms up a bit.  If you’re looking to get a competitive price on individual items, don’t forget about Craigslist and Ebay which have MUCH bigger markets.  It’s a little obvious but sometimes people set up Yard Sales thinking they are going to get top dollar for their treasures and that’s not what usually happens.  But they are a fabulous way to recycle what you think is junk!  Or stuff you just don’t have space for.  Happy hunting and selling.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | How To: Have a Successful Yard Sale.

Green How-To of the Day

Get your Grow onYou’re recycling newspaper AND creating great containers for your seedlings!  I accidentally poured sprite all over mine yesterday…I was trying to ‘recycle’ water…it might work out GREAT…it might kill them all.  Only time will tell.  Anyhoo, if you haven’t started your seedlings yet, you might be a little behind but you can catch up if you start them today.  Here’s the Wikihow.

How to Make Newspaper Seedling Pots – wikiHow.

OMG I want this!

It totally combines two of my favorite things-drinking and drawing!  PLUS it’s made of trash basically.  Who doesn’t love trash?  Well, I actually don’t really love trash but I’ve got plenty of cardboard and can find some drainage pipes.  NOT a problem.  This seems simple enough for me to handle on my own.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Chalkboard Wine Rack Readymade.

Martha’s Salad Table

And here’s Martha’s salad table.  This one involves a little more space and some elbow grease but the payoff sounds amazing!  And the return is well worth the effort and cost.  If you’ve got the space, it’s a brilliant way to grow your own salad greens.  Nothing beats fresh food!

Salad Table and more decorating ideas, organizing tips, and homekeeping and cleaning solutions on

Packing your Lunch? Need a DIY bag?

I’m not sure that everyone really needs a bag to pack their lunches…but this one is pretty cool.  I think I want to make one just for picnics…because I picnic so often…like twice…since 1992…  But I live NEXT to a park now so I am GOING to picnic more often now!  Anyhoosle, it’s a neat little DIY and everyone will be super jealous of you at work.

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