I could have told you that…totes. DC FTW!

DC just won YET ANOTHER top honor!  My home town is also home to the top cocaine and alcohol abusers!  WEEEEEEEE!  Not surprising considering our former mayor.  Also, am I the only one who felt like the entire city went in the closet when Bush took power?  Overnight suddenly weed was out, blow was in, and everyone was suddenly ‘straight’…at least in public.  Sad times.  I’m just surprised peeps can afford blow on those government salaries…I guess the cost of living is a little less than it is here in DC.  When I was doing time in our Nation’s Capitol, there was plenty of partying going on but I didn’t dare to dream we were number one in the country!  In probably related news, we are also crushing in the AIDs/HIV catagory and 3rd in Mary Jane.  Good times.  GO CHOCOLATE CITY!

D.C. residents rank as top cocaine, alcohol abusers | Washington Examiner.


Whoo-Hoo! DC Council Votes to Recognize Gay Marriage!

You know you’re on the right (read “correct”) side of an issue when Marion Barry is opposing it!  DC’s resident assclown was the lone vote against recognizing out-of-state gay marriages.  In an ideal world, DC would allow full marriage rights but recognizing out-of-state gay marriage is a nice first step.

D.C. Council Votes to Recognize Out-of-State Same-Sex Marriages – US News and World Report.

Guilty as charged and trying to avoid being a repeat offender

In addition to the swine flu, there’s a “failure to launch’ epidemic sweeping the nation.  The financial apocalypse is forcing ‘children’ (actually they are adults which makes it a little less confusing…I was picturing a bunch of ragamuffin kids from Oliver Twist when I first read ‘children’…I need more coffee) to move back in with their parents.  I’ll be honest…I totally lived at home with the folks in 2001 when I was laid off…it wasn’t so bad.  My parents live in DC, have a nice place…lot’s of space…but I’d rather live in a cardboard box than be a repeat offender.  Unfortunately, for many ‘children’ there are no other options.  The trend echos what happened during the first depression when children, parents and grandparents often lived together in one dwelling.  I can say from experience that the odds of their being a ‘next generation’ are greatly decreased when you move home.  Nothing downgrades your game like moving home with mom and pop…although it does add a high school-like quality to everything.  Nothing says “get ready for sexy times” like “You have to be quiet-I don’t want to wake my parents” when you bring adult friends home.  But with more people springing for the stay-at-home-with-the folks option, at least there’s safety in numbers and I bet these people will be in WAY better financial shape than me in 9 months.  Rent, especially in NY is EXPENSIVE.  There was an article featured on Gothamist recently that discussed how even though rents are going down up here, the percentage of income that goes towards rent has risen drastically.  More NYC residents than ever have over 50% of their income going towards rent.  That’s barely scrapping by.  So I guess the good news is that if the economy doesn’t get you, maybe the pig flu will?

Back Home to Roost – washingtonpost.com.

Ah DC…as usual, too cool for school

DC is laughing in the face of the Second Great Depression and basking in the soft glow of lobbyist cash bonfires and  building a wall to protect it from the third world poverty that the rest of the country is suffering through.  Ah my hometown.  DC is in a strange place right now.  Typically, every administration changes the flavor of the city.  With Clinton, parties raged on, weed was popular and everything was cool and laid back.  With Bush, coke became all the rage, prepsters were back on top and Georgetown and dock shoes were all the rage.  Now with Obama, the city seems a little lost…there’s tons of cash flying around because everyone is trying to bend the President’s ear and everyone is looking for a job in the new administration and government.  As the daughter of a government employee, I can tell you, YES…the benefits are AWESOME.  And countless Americans are finally realizing that working for Uncle Sam and living in a city that’s WAY cheaper than NY or San Fran is not at all a bad thing.  So where other cities have businesses shutting down and bars and restaurants begging for customers, it makes sense that a new douchebag magnet like this one would be opening up.  Let’s all drink “Bailouts” and laugh at the rest of the country!  Speaking of, I’ll be checking this place out on April 17th.  A bar ain’t open until I’ve knocked one back there.  Yes…I’m that “big” in DC.  Or at least I seem to think so.

Wonkabout: The D.C. Guide. : Another ‘Hip’ Restaurant Opens On U Street … With a Drink Called ‘The Bailout’.

Case In Point: The man who saved too much and the family that saved too little

Here are two examples that are entirely too typical of the current economy.  Rick Rose is a Washingtonian who saved and saved, bought a conservative apartment but is still struggling after nearly a year of unemployment.  The Wilsons are a family that spent and didn’t save for the the financial situation they currently find themselves in.  The Post will be following both Rose and the Wilsons for the next few months to see how they cope with their joblessness and the financial fiasco it’s created.

What is so crazy about the current job market is that entire fields and labor sectors seem to have evaporated almost overnight.  In my personal opinion, this all feels like a HUGE market correction.  It feels like our over consumption and spending as a country created employment and jobs based on credit.  Now that the bill has come due on both a personal and national (even global) level, it seems like employment is shrinking back down to it’s natural levels.  I think the big question now is where do people like Rick Rose, the Wilsons and I go for new jobs?  Do we become janitors or UPS delivery people as other articles have detailed?  Or are there other markets and fields that will develope out of this economic tragedy?  Hard to say but I’m still looking.

Michelle Singletary – Down but Not Out: Overcoming Job Loss – washingtonpost.com.

HIV/AIDS up 22% in the District

And now my hometown is getting great press!  DC’s HIV/AIDS rates are soaring.  There is “every mode of transmission” and DC’s rates are “higher than West Africa”.    It’s actually not funny at all and is incredibly tragic but it’s important that people are aware that AIDS is still very much a problem.  It’s a preventable disease and the rates should be going down.  Hopefully releasing this report will increase awareness and prompt the city to make this a priority.

At Least 3 Percent of D.C. Residents Have HIV or AIDS, City Study Finds; Rate Up 22% From 2006 – washingtonpost.com.

Gridskipper: Best Pizza in DC

Get your pizza on in the District.  I’ll be doing the same here in NYC.  Lucali here I come!!!  Two Amys, Pizzaria Paradiso, Pines of Rome are all awesome.  I’ll have to check out Vace which is supposed to be THE best.  And no matter how broke I am, I can always afford Pizza Mart.  For budget minded and DIY folk, Vace also sells pizza dough.

Gridskipper: Best Pizza in DC.