Another list of more cheap eats for NYC

Nice list of “cheap” eats but a list without $1 dumplings and $4 banh mi ain’t no list at all.  Burger Joint is a must for everyone living or visiting NYC but I’m not sure that I’d agree their burgers are the best in the city.  I’m woefully unfamiliar with the rest…something I plan on changing as soon as I get my inaugural trip to the new Baja Fresh out of the way.  I love me some Baja Fresh!!!!  But it is neither cheap nor healthy…lord is it not healthy.  Do NOT look at the nutritional info.  It made my heart sink and my sphincter contract.

Gridskipper: Dirt Cheap New York Eats.


Cheap Eats-How to BYOB around the city

While the restaurants featured in the article might not be the cheapest, the BYOB factor makes them pretty darn reasonable if you’re like me and can’t dine out without some wine or booze.  I highly recommend La Sirene and Lucali but haven’t tried the other restaurants.  Smith and Vine is also one of my favorite wine shops-10% off if you shop on Monday!  Like prostitutes in Germany, you don’t have to stop what you’re doing-just get creative about it!

BYOWine at New York City Restaurants – Feature article – Time Out New York.

The *OTHER* Dollar Menu

Here’s a VERY lovely list of Dollar deals around the city for those who want to get sauced on the cheap!  In my early drinking days in DC you could get a $1 every night of the week at a different venue.  When I moved up here I searched in vain for the same sorta deals and couldn’t find any.  I finally found a few places that had $1 PBRs and NYC started to feel like home.  So now I proudly present an even better list of $1 beer nights and even beers for a quarter!  So turn over those couch cushions (if you haven’t already) and get to drinking!

Dollar Menu.

Cheap Eats: Bahn Mi in NYC

If anyone has been reading this blog (not that I think anyone is), I’m probably sounding a little Bahn Mi obsessed…guilty as charged.  I had one yesterday…and am resisting the urge to order one again today.  They are SO FREAKING CHEAP.  They don’t quite pass the Mr. Wu test (they aren’t cheap AND make you so sick you can’t eat for the next three days) but they are deeeeelish…and, unlike a McGangBang, there are no morning after regrets.  My favorite place in Brooklyn is Hanco (Park Slope and Bergen Street off Smith) which didn’t make the list and neither did the newest addition to the NYC Bahn Mi family, Baoguette (home of the Sloppy Bao…there might be some regrets after the Sloppy Bao…it’s not for the weak)

But this is totally the next list I need to start working through on my fat-ass tour of NYC.

Gridskipper: Banh Mis in New York.

Cheap eats: Brisket 101 from Martha

Even Martha recognizes that times are tough…and tough times call for tough as nails meat that’s super cheap.  I actually prefer BBQ brisket.  It is the BEST.  I’m still trying to sneak a recipe from my friend who’s family runs a BBQ joint out in Kansas City.  It is, by far, the BEST brisket I’ve EVER had.

Brisket 101 and more delicious recipes, smart cooking tips, and video demonstrations on

TO DO: Eat more deep fried stuff

Next step on the FAT-ASS EXPRESS!  DONUTS!  Seems strange to be posting this so soon after the ‘spring clean your liver’ article, but since it snowed today, I think that means it’s technically not quite time to deep clean my innards yet 😀  SO DONUTS!  Here’s a map of the ‘best’ donuts in the city.  Donuts count as cheap food, right?

Gridskipper: New York’s Best Donuts.

Cheap: it’s what’s for dinner




This recipe is TIME CONSUMING…anything that starts off with making dough the night before is not a quick and simple recipe.  BUT, if you’re like me, you HAVE all the time in the world to MAKE your own dough.  It’s strange to me that the dough is what makes pizza expensive…but those Boboli’s add up y’all.  Now THIS is a cheap eat.  The author claims these ingredients cost less than $5…when you buy in bulk…and perhaps in DE.    

The Simple Dollar » A Guide to Making Inexpensive and Delicious Homemade Pizza.