You can’t handle the truth! That’s why BLS doesn’t want to give it to you

like lemmings US News is ‘investigating” BLS’s response to their annual survey which contributes to law school rankings.  Apparently BLS *might* have forgotten to talk about their part time students…and that *might* change their ranking…But BLS says it *failed* to include the info because it disagrees with the magazine’s methodology…and because they might have made a wee little mistake.

Frankly, I feel like the part timers were doing better than some of my full time classmates.  But dirty pool, BLS.  I’m more upset by our slip in the party poll than the US News rankings.  After all, being a better party school is a bigger selling point than US News rankings right now.

‘U.S. News’ looks into Brooklyn Law’s survey response.


More TOTALLY awesome Press for BLS! We’re ranked 61st!

I think the craigslist letter to BLS really sums it up nicely.  It’s nice of ATL to pretend like BLS isn’t a JD mill, but I disagree.  I’m not using my law degree but that’s because I was making WAY more not doing law.  So we’re ranked at 61.  To anyone even thinking about law school for next year…don’t go unless you have a FULL RIDE that’s guaranteed for all three years AND you’re interested in doing public interest law.

Open Thread: 2010 U.S. News Law School Rankings (50 – 75) – Above the Law – A Legal Tabloid – News, Gossip, and Colorful Commentary on Law Firms and the Legal Profession.

Just when I think BLS can’t sink any lower…

Please Get your Shit together before I have to take you off my resume...

They surprise me again and sink lower than whale shit.  So this time it’s the actual school and administration and they have no one to blame but themselves.  They are apparently threatening students who are looking to transfer.  As any graduate of BLS knows, if you can work your way into a better school…you DO.  Particularly in this economy.  They have been working their buns off at BLS to come up with new threats and ‘school policy’ to keep their best and brightest at the school.  Here’s a thought…offer them FREE TUITION!  Now THAT is an offer that’s hard to pass UP.  Oh-and you can’t sue for that…where as threats that are possibly damaging to your career…and not based on clearly stated and articulated school policy…that could come back to haunt you…and certainly bad news bears for PR.  Nice job, BLS.  Oh and Joan Wexler, thanks for asking but, again, until I pay off my loans, you’re not getting any donations from me.  Also, please get your shit together so I don’t have to take you off my resume…there’s not a lot of good stuff on there so I’d like to keep my degree from BLS on there…but more and more, it’s the sort of thing that would only get me an *agreeable nod* in the black market.

The Blackbook Legal Blog: Are Law Schools Overreacting to the Annual Exodus of Students?.

Yay! The Next Necked Girl-Law Student WON’T Be from BLS!!!




That’s TWO GOOD news stories for BLS this week!  Well, technically, this one isn’t really good…it actually has nothing to DO with us except for the fact that HOPEFULLY (fingers crossed) it will help everyone forget about our favorite happy necked girl, Adrianna (here’s the link if you’ve forgotten Happy Necked Girls in Law School )

Seems like our little BLS necked girl may have inspired others…and for that we can be proud.  During these tough times, a girl has got to do what a girl has got to do.  Yesterday I posted a story about a daycare worker who turned to stripping so it’s only logical that lawyers would start to take it off for money.  In the grand scheme of things, there are a LOT of MUCH worse things a lawyer can do for money…A LOT (see all other press regarding BLS students and grads).  

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HOLLAR! My law school has caught a break! Well…more like a slight touch of good press…

A student at my infamous law school filed an order to freeze Peter Madoff’s assets!  It’s not a lot but it is something.  I’m sure this will totally come back to haunt both BLS and this student but for now this is a good thing…right?

22-Year-Old Brooklyn Law Student Has Peter Madoff’s Assets Frozen — Daily Intel — New York News Blog — New York Magazine.

My law school cannot catch a break…


While casually skimming the transcript from Madoff’s hearing on the 10th, I reached some extremely troubling news on page 5…Bernie attended my law school…only for a year…but nonetheless, my law school has once again made the news for less than savory/happy things.  WHY???? It seems like we produce nothing but criminals and mob lawyers….oh…and Super-douche reporters who give away troop locations…yes…Geraldo Rivera is the major benefactor of my law school…I did not know that until my second year there and it was too late to transfer.

Madoff’s Accountant Faces A Long Count –