Guy who ripped my parents off gets 100 years!

Would have liked the 400 years he was up for but this will do.  Unfortunately, they and may other families just like them are still out all the money he stole from them.  And unlike the Madoff victims, they don’t get 1/2 million in insurance money to tide them over.  It’s been over two years and they haven’t seen a dime.  Most of the assets are trapped in bankruptcy court and being bled dry by lawyers fees.  Hopefully my parents and many of the other victims of this criminal will see at least some restitution.  Today they can at least celebrate that this man is behind bars and will be for quite sometime.

$126 million fraud lands former executive a 100-year sentence – The CNN Wire – Blogs.


Could be way worse…you could be in Dubai

dsc_1633While I’m not a huge fan of bankruptcy, I’m not so sure a Dickensian style debtor’s prison system is a better option…which is apparently what they’ve got in Dubai.  Sounds like the shit is seriously hitting the fan over there.  I’ve read a few articles here and there about people fleeing the country to escape debt and going to prison but I didn’t realize exactly how unforgiving their system was.  Certainly good to know before you set up shop there!

Why Bankruptcy Matters – Megan McArdle.

And the Captain Obvious Award goes to…The NY Times for this Headline!

White House Optimism Not Shared by Republicans –

Wow…Really?  You’re kidding?  Republicans don’t SHARE the White House’s Optimism?  That’s SHOCKING.  That’s never happened before.  I don’t know what the next year holds or what the next decade holds.  But I do know that it took lot’s of different people around the globe in many different fields to dig the economic hole we’re currently in.and it’s going to take a united effort involving everyone-from main street to wall street and around the globe to fix this.  Republicans can say whatever they want about plans…until they have something better, we’re sticking with what we’ve got.  Also, who got us into this mess?  8 years of a Republican White House…specifically George W. Bush.  Has anyone else noticed that Bush’s name is RARELY used now?  It’s almost as if they are trying to make American’s forget who was at the helm when the warning flares were signally…as if they want American’s to forget how many lives have been lost and how much money has been spent on wars in Afghanistan and Iraq…wars that we’re no closer to winning now than we were when we invaded.  Bankruptcy?  Oh yeah…Obama is the reason the country might be bankrupt in a few years…it has NOTHING to do with the tax cuts or stimulus checks or the FDIC not making banks pay their annual dues or unchecked spending by the former administration.