Brooklyn Bailout Friday

Hit a party and enter in a chance to win your own personal bailout-a years supply of alcohol to the person with the best bailout costume.

Details: Friday, April 17th @ Brooklyn Masonic Temple 317 Clermont Street Fort Greene Brooklyn 9pm $15 before 9:45pm

party at the brooklyn masonic temple this friday – 3rd Ward Brooklyn.


Ah DC…as usual, too cool for school

DC is laughing in the face of the Second Great Depression and basking in the soft glow of lobbyist cash bonfires and  building a wall to protect it from the third world poverty that the rest of the country is suffering through.  Ah my hometown.  DC is in a strange place right now.  Typically, every administration changes the flavor of the city.  With Clinton, parties raged on, weed was popular and everything was cool and laid back.  With Bush, coke became all the rage, prepsters were back on top and Georgetown and dock shoes were all the rage.  Now with Obama, the city seems a little lost…there’s tons of cash flying around because everyone is trying to bend the President’s ear and everyone is looking for a job in the new administration and government.  As the daughter of a government employee, I can tell you, YES…the benefits are AWESOME.  And countless Americans are finally realizing that working for Uncle Sam and living in a city that’s WAY cheaper than NY or San Fran is not at all a bad thing.  So where other cities have businesses shutting down and bars and restaurants begging for customers, it makes sense that a new douchebag magnet like this one would be opening up.  Let’s all drink “Bailouts” and laugh at the rest of the country!  Speaking of, I’ll be checking this place out on April 17th.  A bar ain’t open until I’ve knocked one back there.  Yes…I’m that “big” in DC.  Or at least I seem to think so.

Wonkabout: The D.C. Guide. : Another ‘Hip’ Restaurant Opens On U Street … With a Drink Called ‘The Bailout’.

Mad about the bailout? Get enraged!

I smell Pig

With the stock market gaining ground again and the administration declaring the economic meltdown to be over and the country back on the road to recovery, it’s important that we all understand exactly what happened, how it happened, and start working to prevent it from EVER happening again.  People are upset about the bailout but view it as necessary…was it?  Is it?  Dave Chapelle talked about the “real” white man and said that there are men you think control the world and then there are the REAL men…the few richer than god men who are actually pulling the puppet strings that control us all.  I’ve seen some things in my day that imply that’s actually the way of it…that the high rollers who donate the most get the meetings…they get the phone numbers that make the difference…and they have the name recognition that gets their calls put through.  This article talks about a great many things that should give all American’s pause…give us some things to think about…and some things to vote on.  It also talks about our good friend Joseph Cassano…of Che t-shirt fame!  Sounds like he’s pretty much a Grade A douche who enjoys parading around lawn parties wearing his Che T-shirt ironically…just like a hipster who doesn’t get the joke.

We need regulation.  That much is crystal clear…but how can we engineer change if the people who influence the most change are the same people engineered the market’s deregulation?  It’s just like the Obama administration not repealing so many of the Bush Administration’s executive power extensions…

Anyhoo, it’s depressing but important so please read it

The Big Takeover : Rolling Stone.

This has been my dream since…2003

happy to be done with school...but married to the loans for the next 30

There have been rumblings about a Student Loan Bailout…naturally started by people who have substantial student loans and no jobs to pay them back.  ATL featured a piece on this subject today.  While I’m clearly so in love with the idea that I’d marry it right now, I think the chances of it ever happening are slim to none.  Much like winning the lottery, this is something that would make all my dreams come true…but I don’t like the odds…of course I still buy a lotto ticket every now and again.

Student Loan Bailout. Just Do It. – Above the Law – A Legal Tabloid – News, Gossip, and Colorful Commentary on Law Firms and the Legal Profession.

SURE! We’ll take it back…plus interest of course

sad flowers in rain at train stationApparently some banks are balking at the rules and restrictions the fed is placing on the bailout money.  They don’t like the fact that Congress and regulators can impose new rules as they see fit and worry that it will keep weaker banks afloat when really they are doomed to failure.  The rules and restrictions are a result of the increasing public ‘outrage’ over the bailout.  As a member of the public at large, I tend to agree with the ‘outrage’.  If banks don’t want to follow these rules, then don’t take the money.  Clearly if you can choose NOT to take the money, you don’t really need it.  The bailout money should be a last resort.  This isn’t something to cushion coffers…this is a stopgap.  I’m getting unemployment and take all of the restrictions that come with that government subsidy…if they want me to fill out a survey, I fill it out!  

Some Banks, Citing Strings, Want to Return Aid –