Consumerist Personal Finance Round-up…just as depressing as it sounds

And not very useful.  I’d have to say that the only really interesting article here was the bit about retirement.  I didn’t realize that the Social Security numbers have been holding pretty steady as the baby-boomer generation slips slowly into retirement.  That’s AWESOME news since everyone was predicting they were going to drain it in TWO seconds.  The bit about cities to go for work is pretty useless…I have a fair number of friends who are trying to find work in DC and they’ll all tell you there are no jobs so that list seems a little off.  And I want everyone I know to boycott Dollar Tree.  I can’t tell you why but I would just like everyone to use other dollar stores.

Money: Personal Finance Roundup.


Just when I think BLS can’t sink any lower…

Please Get your Shit together before I have to take you off my resume...

They surprise me again and sink lower than whale shit.  So this time it’s the actual school and administration and they have no one to blame but themselves.  They are apparently threatening students who are looking to transfer.  As any graduate of BLS knows, if you can work your way into a better school…you DO.  Particularly in this economy.  They have been working their buns off at BLS to come up with new threats and ‘school policy’ to keep their best and brightest at the school.  Here’s a thought…offer them FREE TUITION!  Now THAT is an offer that’s hard to pass UP.  Oh-and you can’t sue for that…where as threats that are possibly damaging to your career…and not based on clearly stated and articulated school policy…that could come back to haunt you…and certainly bad news bears for PR.  Nice job, BLS.  Oh and Joan Wexler, thanks for asking but, again, until I pay off my loans, you’re not getting any donations from me.  Also, please get your shit together so I don’t have to take you off my resume…there’s not a lot of good stuff on there so I’d like to keep my degree from BLS on there…but more and more, it’s the sort of thing that would only get me an *agreeable nod* in the black market.

The Blackbook Legal Blog: Are Law Schools Overreacting to the Annual Exodus of Students?.

Truer words were never typed…

No…there is nothing that can prepare you for the C Me Dance trailer…not even the Bruno trailer which was recently released.  As excited as I am to see Bruno…this moving looks…well…amazing.  Be SURE to sign the petition to bring it to a theater near you.  Sadly, NYC is filled with heathens and devil worshippers so it’s highly unlikely I’ll be able to see it…for two weeks when it goes to DVD after it’s quick stop in theaters.  The videogum kids do an excellent job of exploring this movie’s awesomeness.  Especially the dad’s line…I’m going to try and say that as often as possible this weekend at my first gay wedding!  I’m sure I’ll be REALLY popular.  So I will C U Later.  But I have questions that only this film can answer…such as, since we does the devil hate dancing?  I thought that’s where illegitimate babies came from?  Clearly I need to watch and LEARN and BELIEVE!  Just in time for Easter too!

Nothing Can Prepare You For The C Me Dance Trailer – Trailer – Videogum.

TO DO: Stalk Cherry Blossom progress at Brooklyn Botanic Garden

I have promised myself for six years that I will go and see the cherry blossoms at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens…and like so many other promises I’ve made to myself over the course of a lifetime, I’ve fallen through my ass and let myself down.  Well, NO MORE.  THIS year I will get to see the cherry blossoms.  I’ve started following them on this Blossom Status map which literally takes the guess work out.  In DC it’s impossible to tell when they are going to bloom, when they are going to fall off the trees, or when the tourists will get word that they have bloomed.  This lovely little map lets me know before I even leave the house!  I also live about three blocks from the blossoms so I almost can’t miss them when I’m walking in the hood.  Sorry to everyone who’s working-but then not sorry because, guess what?  You have a job and that’s kind of an awesome thing right now-BUT I’m super excited for this week!  Spring has ARRIVED and it’s going to be close to 60 degrees ALL WEEK!  I’m going to plant stuff on the roof, finish my spring clean and all will be right with the world!  Oh yeah…and find a job.  Awesome.  But first, I’m going to see the cherry blossoms!

Brooklyn Botanic Garden: CherryWatch Blossom Status Map.