Things To Do When You’re Unemployed: Prepare for the Apocalypse

Am I the only one who didn’t know there’s a huge monument with instructions for how to reboot society when the end of days arrives?  It’s in Georgia…naturally…and has instructions in eight different languages.  Yoko Ono knows about it so why didn’t I?  Like anything really cool, it’s shrouded in mystery!  No one knows who commissioned it or why they built it.  But now I have to see it.

American Stonehenge: Monumental Instructions for the Post-Apocalypse.


CNN…Reporting from the Front lines of the Apocalypse: This just in HEROIN is CHEAPER than BEER!

Ahh CNN.  Sometimes they aren’t THE most depressing thing I see all day…but today they are REALLY trying.  One of their lead stories is that heroin is supposedly cheaper than beer.  And apparently this means that teenagers are flocking to it like mad and dying.  As far back as I can remember, suburban kids have been using heroin.  This is NOT new news.  I don’t think it’s even new news that they are killing themselves on it.  I’m sure this sounds totally unsympathetic and I am sorry that kids are still ODing on heroin…but this isn’t NEW.  As a matter of fact, what’s truly tragic about this story is that it could have JUST as easily happened 20 years ago…and THAT is sad…that we’re still at the same place we were 20 years ago with the drug war and teaching kids how to resist the pull of drugs-illegal and otherwise.  That’s the news…and the other news is that the crystal meth still hasn’t hit these areas yet…THAT is news…it’s that these areas are so susceptible to drug use that they better batten down the hatches before meth gets in because that has been sweeping across the nation and is a different animal entirely.  The general consensus is that it’s way worse than anything we’ve seen thus far.

Heroin cheaper than six-pack of beer – amFIX – Blogs.

Case In Point: The man who saved too much and the family that saved too little

Here are two examples that are entirely too typical of the current economy.  Rick Rose is a Washingtonian who saved and saved, bought a conservative apartment but is still struggling after nearly a year of unemployment.  The Wilsons are a family that spent and didn’t save for the the financial situation they currently find themselves in.  The Post will be following both Rose and the Wilsons for the next few months to see how they cope with their joblessness and the financial fiasco it’s created.

What is so crazy about the current job market is that entire fields and labor sectors seem to have evaporated almost overnight.  In my personal opinion, this all feels like a HUGE market correction.  It feels like our over consumption and spending as a country created employment and jobs based on credit.  Now that the bill has come due on both a personal and national (even global) level, it seems like employment is shrinking back down to it’s natural levels.  I think the big question now is where do people like Rick Rose, the Wilsons and I go for new jobs?  Do we become janitors or UPS delivery people as other articles have detailed?  Or are there other markets and fields that will develope out of this economic tragedy?  Hard to say but I’m still looking.

Michelle Singletary – Down but Not Out: Overcoming Job Loss –

My mind is blown and my prayers have been answered!

So this is pretty much impossible for me to wrap my wee little brain around but apparently peeps down at Wake Forest University have developed a technology that will allow people to grow their own organs.  I have been praying and begging for this technology ever since I reached legal drinking age-I will be able to regrow my own liver!  YES!

So I think this also portends the end of days, apocalypse, etc because I just don’t think people will be able to handle living forever…but I could be wrong…but 2012 is soon…think on it…maybe just the introduction of the technology will cause the fall.  I mean, how much does it cost?  What’s to stop everyone from just growing a spare set of everything?  If you’re in a car accident, you don’t know what you’re going to need.  Anyhoo, interesting stuff.

Also interesting to note, O kind of screwed the reduced your calories-you’re going to live forever-benjamin button style people by talking about the diet first (which no one wants to do because you pretty much eat twigs and berries) and THEN the organ growing story (which everyone wants to do because all you have to do is give them some cells!)

Dr. Oz on Innovations in Regenerative Medicine –

File this under “Things that would make me poop my pants if I didn’t know they weren’t real”


I cannot believe they are doing this!  And at 9:30am on a weekday!  I used to take Key Bridge to work everyday…around 9:30am…a huge fireball on the river would totally freak me out.  I mean, this is DC we’re talking about.  District of “this is not a drill” fucking Columbia.  Seriously, we don’t practice fire drills or getting bombed…because we actually think those things are happening too frequently.  My mom worked for the govt her entire career.  I can’t even count how many bomb threats her building got…and she worked for the USDA!  On the one hand, you’re probably wondering why bomb them?  On the other hand, the people that do are generally farmers and, as X Files taught me, those farmers have every ingredient needed to make some kick-ass bombs!

So, if you happen to be near Gtown or in NoVa and you see a HUGE fireball on Wednesday, it’s probably not real.  If you see it on Tuesday or Thursday, it is real and you know the drill.

Front Row Washington » Blog Archive » If it’s Wednesday, the fireball isn’t real | Blogs |.

And the Captain Obvious Award goes to…The NY Times for this Headline!

White House Optimism Not Shared by Republicans –

Wow…Really?  You’re kidding?  Republicans don’t SHARE the White House’s Optimism?  That’s SHOCKING.  That’s never happened before.  I don’t know what the next year holds or what the next decade holds.  But I do know that it took lot’s of different people around the globe in many different fields to dig the economic hole we’re currently in.and it’s going to take a united effort involving everyone-from main street to wall street and around the globe to fix this.  Republicans can say whatever they want about plans…until they have something better, we’re sticking with what we’ve got.  Also, who got us into this mess?  8 years of a Republican White House…specifically George W. Bush.  Has anyone else noticed that Bush’s name is RARELY used now?  It’s almost as if they are trying to make American’s forget who was at the helm when the warning flares were signally…as if they want American’s to forget how many lives have been lost and how much money has been spent on wars in Afghanistan and Iraq…wars that we’re no closer to winning now than we were when we invaded.  Bankruptcy?  Oh yeah…Obama is the reason the country might be bankrupt in a few years…it has NOTHING to do with the tax cuts or stimulus checks or the FDIC not making banks pay their annual dues or unchecked spending by the former administration.

Economy blamed for rise in Japan’s suicide rate

I posted earlier that the Japanese actually have a word for working yourself to death: Karoshi

Now it seems that the economic downturn has increased Japan’s already high suicide rate.  The fact that they also have a “suicide forest” is pretty bleak as well.  But at least Japan takes things like working yourself to death and suicide because of unemployment seriously and have made treatment a priority…on the other hand, it seems fair to say that societal pressures have to be contributing and creating the problem to a certain degree.  It seems like the number of murder suicides in the US has increased but it’s possible that the media is just paying more attention to these horrible stories now as they seek out any stories that are even slightly related to the depressed economy and joblessness.

Desperate Japanese head to ‘suicide forest’ –

I guess my point is, it’s hard to tell when someone is crisis…sure I haven’t showered or gotten dressed today…but that doesn’t mean that I’m taking walks in suicide parks…on the other hand, there are plenty of people who mask the signs very well.  We have to look out for each other right now-those of us who are struggling with the pressure of being the only bread winner in the home, those of us who are jobless and feeling less than fabulous about it, and everyone else who’s just depressed about the current state of affairs.  Spring starts tomorrow and let’s hope its a fresh start for everyone.

How to help someone with depression-wikihow