How To: Talk To A Friend Who’s Been Laid Off

Very important article for everyone to read!  Who doesn’t know someone who’s been laid off?  And if you’re one of the five people in America who DOESN’T know someone YET, trust me…you WILL.  So read up, take notes, and please…pretty, pretty, pretty please don’t ask “How’s the job hunt going?”  It is the one question we all dread and, as the last two weeks have shown me, it’s the single most asked question.  I can only assume people ask because it’s so typical in American culture to ask how your job is going…which I’ve also always kind of hated…so I can only assume people feel free to ask because they think that you’re job hunt is your new job…and it is…but the MAJOR difference is that most people engaged in job hunting aren’t in this position by choice so the question is a painful jab followed by some salt and lemon juice in the festering wound.  Also, in case you haven’t noticed…job hunting REALLY sucks…more so than any crappy 9-5…even ones that involve copious verbal abuse and drama.  Trust me, I speak from experience.  If the jobless person brings it up, then it’s fair game…but otherwise, just don’t mention it-just stick to the list and buy us some drinks…as many as you can afford to.

How To: Talk To A Friend Who’s Been Laid Off.


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