I can’t help it! I freaking LOVE this song…

I know he’s an abuser…I know he’s a douche…I know the first 10 minutes of stomp the yard are amazing-especially the part where he gets killed…and I know that Jay Z has pretty much proclaimed a Fatwa against him…and I know he’s the Ike to Rhianna’s Tina…but I LOVE THIS SONG.  Yes it was made popular by a group of wedding dancers (btw, has anyone else noticed that 3/4 of the population LOVES that video and then there’s like a 1/4 of the population that literally thinks those people are, and I quote, “Assholes”?  It fascinates me…) but it was first used in a gum commercial!  YES!  The shocking truth!  An artist, even as devoted to the craft as Chris Brown, sold out and made a song for a product!  This actually makes me feel a lot better about wanting to hear this song all the time.  It’s like the song they used in Bud Light commercials a few years ago…I found myself not changing the channel just to listen to it.  And this was before Shazzam existed so I had no one way identifying it without embarrassing myself.  I feel super vindicated…I still won’t be blasting this from my car anytime soon…and it’s going on my never ending list of inappropriate wedding songs…but I will hold my head a little higher when I dance my ass off to it in the privacy of my own room.  I love you Chris Brown…even if you wear an “Oops” necklace, grew up in a po-dunk part of VA that doesn’t even know what “keeping it real” means, and aren’t man enough to know that striking a woman is wrong.  And thank you Wrigley…for helping me step closer to that door.

Karma Attacks, Beats Wrigley’s Chris Brown Campaign – Chris Brown – Gawker.


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