It is officially cheaper for me to be in Las Vegas

Hotels are $10 a night in Vegas!  That’s like YMCA prices in the 70’s!  Even the people living in tent villages in Hoovervilles around the country should be able to afford that.  Perhaps that’s the answer for thousands of families who are now homeless thanks to the mortgage crisis.  And it’s a good thing Vegas has been making itself more ‘family friendly’ for the past two decades!  If only Vegas had better heroin Williamsburg could send the hipster hobos there…maybe market it as what Hunter S. Thompson would have wanted them to do.

So the economy is supposedly on the rebound but no one seems to have bothered to let Vegas know.  I feel like Vegas should already be a fairly attractive option for homeless peeps.  It has to be a freegan dream with the all you can eat buffets and extreme meals.  There are TONS of tourists so you should be able to beg off an unlimited amount of ever changing strangers.  I’ve never heard of anyone having trouble getting drugs there and you can turn $1 into THOUSANDS!  Plus if you’re pretty like Demi Moore, sometimes millionaires will pay for you to play dress-up, ride on helicopters, blow on their dice (wink-wink, nudge-nudge) and then send you home with a healthy chunk of change for your troubles!  It’s a win for vegas and a win for hobos!

Las Vegas Discount Hotels.

Oh wait-I just remembered why I could never live there…their drunk dance-off’s SUCK!  Who am I kidding…any drunk dance off is awesome.  Any dance off is awesome.  Turn your audio down unless you can’t get enough of drunk girls screaming.


I can’t help it! I freaking LOVE this song…

I know he’s an abuser…I know he’s a douche…I know the first 10 minutes of stomp the yard are amazing-especially the part where he gets killed…and I know that Jay Z has pretty much proclaimed a Fatwa against him…and I know he’s the Ike to Rhianna’s Tina…but I LOVE THIS SONG.  Yes it was made popular by a group of wedding dancers (btw, has anyone else noticed that 3/4 of the population LOVES that video and then there’s like a 1/4 of the population that literally thinks those people are, and I quote, “Assholes”?  It fascinates me…) but it was first used in a gum commercial!  YES!  The shocking truth!  An artist, even as devoted to the craft as Chris Brown, sold out and made a song for a product!  This actually makes me feel a lot better about wanting to hear this song all the time.  It’s like the song they used in Bud Light commercials a few years ago…I found myself not changing the channel just to listen to it.  And this was before Shazzam existed so I had no one way identifying it without embarrassing myself.  I feel super vindicated…I still won’t be blasting this from my car anytime soon…and it’s going on my never ending list of inappropriate wedding songs…but I will hold my head a little higher when I dance my ass off to it in the privacy of my own room.  I love you Chris Brown…even if you wear an “Oops” necklace, grew up in a po-dunk part of VA that doesn’t even know what “keeping it real” means, and aren’t man enough to know that striking a woman is wrong.  And thank you Wrigley…for helping me step closer to that door.

Karma Attacks, Beats Wrigley’s Chris Brown Campaign – Chris Brown – Gawker.

John Hughes is dead!

So sad!  All of his movies were a major part of my childhood and high school.  I still watch Sixteen Candles at least once a year…ok…maybe it’s more like once a month.  He was a fabulous director and his legacy will live on in his movies.

Director John Hughes dies at 59 – Entertainment News, Film News, Media – Variety.

Chicago honors Gay Veterans

A WTG to Chicago for manning up and honoring some of our gay military veterans.  There are approximately 65,000 gays in the military and about 2 people a day are discharged for being gay.  Kudos to Chicago for honoring these American heroes and to all of the other LBGT service men and women out there.  We salute you and thank you for your service.  As the video points out, Obama can repeal the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy with the stroke of his pen.

Gay Military Veterans Honored in Public Ceremony in Chicago – Towleroad, More than gay news. More gay men.

Yet another Tumblog for the Bored…this one is HAIR themed!

Perfect for a wedding or a prom

Don’t have many deep thoughts about this blog except that it’s totes worth a peek.  There are some true gems…like “Crappy” hair for those who are fond of shaving words and images into their hair-do’s (Yes Seanathan, I’m talking to you sweet broseph).  To quote Martha, “It’s a Good Thing”.  Enjoy my funions.

Don’t Judge My Hair: Epic Hairstyles » It Also Appears That Her Makeup Is Wearing Makeup.

Oh NOS! Not the Gay Menthz Choir too!

(via Brett Cajun Blog)
(via Brett Cajun Blog)

This Greatest Recession of all time has NO HEART!  NO MERCY!  NO LOVE FOR THE ARTS!  After 30 years in operation, the New York City Gay Men’s Choir may have to shut down…here are the details.  Please don’t go NYC Gay Mens Choir!

New York City Gay Men’s Choir in financial trouble | News Story on

GO WEST, young man…

(via Buzzfeed)

For as long as I can remember, I’ve liked guys who are 26.  From the age of 13 when I was jail bait and to my grave, that’s just what I’ve been attracted to and will always be attracted to.  I feel like Wooderson from Dazed and Confused, “I get older, they stay the same age”.  I’ll come out of the closet…I’m a cougar.  I may not count as a cougar yet in years but recognizing the fact that I will always love 26 year old men means I know I’m going to be one…sooner rather than later.  Totes.  Frankly, the whole “cougar” name thing is bullshit.  Dudes of all ages have been loving on young ladies FOR ALL OF HISTORY and don’t get called names.  Why is it always the lady folk who get the ugly nicknames and have to parade around town wearing the scarlet letter?  If a young lady goes after an older grandpa with some sheckles to spare, she gets called a gold digger…but if a dude goes after a grandma who’s a ringer for Demi Moore, he’s doing the community a service and gets high-fives from his fellow dudes.  Ladies, I am NOT hating.  And if you’re a young menthz who is out of work and maybe looking for a little sugar and a little funding, get thee to Silicon Valley for the National Cougars Convention August 24-30th.  Even if you’re not broke and just a pretty young thing who’s looking for an older model who’s worked some of the quirks out…who knows what she wants and how to get it…who has an eye for the finer things and can afford them for herself, get thee to Silicon Valley!  Times are tough and this is a lovely way to meet some older ladies who have their ish together.  Go get your grove on and, ladies, don’t settle!  Go on and get yours!

National Single Cougars Convention | Wally Champ.