Yankee Stadium Pub Crawl

Here’s an excellent guide to drinking your way around Yankee Stadium…if you prefer a guide to stumbling around and following the mob.  Yanks tickets are super cheap right now.  You can get Field Tickets for $39!  I haven’t seen the new stadium and am a Nationals fan but won’t be able to stomach these games…no matter how much I drink before, during, and after.  But you totally should.  From what I remember of these bars, they tend to showcase a lot of hawtness (see the gent in the picture) and the local flavor is nasty.  If you’re looking for bars with fine gents and classy ladies, these are not the bars for you.  If you enjoy talking to angry pompous Yankees fans who stare at your tits while they insult your team and spit stale beer in your face, you’ve hit the jackpot!  I’m also fairly certain I’ve seen the dude in the picture above wearing that exact same outfit in 105 degree summer heat.  Apparently a hoodie under a flannel paired with sweatpants is a look for all seasons on the “other” River Avenue.  So go get your drink on dive bar style and hit a game on the cheap.

Gridskipper: River Avenue Bar Crawl.

Cheap Yankees Tickets


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