Horribly wrong? or just about time?

This video blew my mind…there’s so much about it that’s wrong that shines like a blinding light through all the bullshit and crap on Youtube.  First, she can’t sing to save her life.  Now, that alone doesn’t distinguish her from the millions of other people out there posting on youtube.  Apparently thinking you have talent, lacking it, and wanting to share it via online videos is something so special that it transcends cultural and global boundaries.  Second, she’s clearly preggers.  Now THAT is DIFFERENT!  She’s not just a little pregnant…she’s REALLY pregnant…like she’s going to be a mom soon.  In a perfect world, this video would prompt Madonna to call…not to offer her a music deal of any sort-but to adopt her baby and save it from this strange and twisted fate.  If you don’t agree, watch her video for “Hips Don’t Lie” and hollar at me.  Also, the “Catch me Now” video shows off her crazy eyes to the greatest advantage.  According to her bio, she got married at 17, has three kids and has written TWO books.  I think I need to shut up and get more productive!  If this lady can write two books by the age of 24, I really need to shut my mouth and get to typing.  Although, as the subway has taught me, the crazies always have a LOT to say…and they say it super forcefully.  Thanks Youtube for once again reminding me that crazy comes in all different colors, all different shapes and sizes, and all different ways.

And thanks to Dlisted for making AMANDAH (Yes…that’s AmandaH) the Hot Slut of the Day.  No one has ever worn the illustrious crown more deservingly.  Also, hollar at me if you know any pregnant strippers.   I have a friend with a bit of a fetish.  I don’t judge, I just book the entertainment and a man only turns 30 once, right?  There has to be such a thing, right?  There’s clearly a market for it…

And “Kadoos” to Amandah for managing to make a Rihanna song even more upsetting and creepy than after the world found out that Chris Brown was beating the shit out of her.



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