To Do This Summer: Road Trip with Beer?

Maybe not a trip to bring the kids along for…and perhaps not the best idea to combine drinking and driving BUT here’s a great list of Brew Pubs from Santa Barbara to Humboldt County in CA!  Cute little story about two dudes who used to road trip back in the day.  I’m heading out to the left coast this summer and can’t wait to take in some of the coast.  If you haven’t driven 101 and spent the night on a beach in Big Sur, add it to your Bucket List.  There aren’t words to describe how beautiful that area is.  The best part is everyone can enjoy it-even if you can’t get out and hike-which you should if you can-you can still enjoy quite a bit of from the car and scenic stops along the way.  I was so amazed by the vistas that I missed the brew pubs!  I can’t wait to mark up my map and take to the road again.  Unlike the Brooklynite in the article, I have my drivers license…totes…although I wouldn’t mind letting someone else take the wheel so I can enjoy my libations.

Brew pubs along coastal California: a beer-drinking road trip – Travel –


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