I could have told you that…totes. DC FTW!

DC just won YET ANOTHER top honor!  My home town is also home to the top cocaine and alcohol abusers!  WEEEEEEEE!  Not surprising considering our former mayor.  Also, am I the only one who felt like the entire city went in the closet when Bush took power?  Overnight suddenly weed was out, blow was in, and everyone was suddenly ‘straight’…at least in public.  Sad times.  I’m just surprised peeps can afford blow on those government salaries…I guess the cost of living is a little less than it is here in DC.  When I was doing time in our Nation’s Capitol, there was plenty of partying going on but I didn’t dare to dream we were number one in the country!  In probably related news, we are also crushing in the AIDs/HIV catagory and 3rd in Mary Jane.  Good times.  GO CHOCOLATE CITY!

D.C. residents rank as top cocaine, alcohol abusers | Washington Examiner.


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