Free Doughnuts! (or is it Donuts? Why can’t we all just get along and agree on one spelling?)

Free Doughnuts tomorrow!  Why?  Where?  How?  National Doughnut Day!  (and people wonder why we’re the fattest nation of fatties-because we have National Holidays devoted to fried dough!  Of course!)  Go get your doughnut on at Krispy Kreme (one free doughnut per customer) or Dunkin Donuts (at participating locations, with purchase of a beverage).  Go with Krispy Kreme…they are such much better.  I still remember watching them being made at the Alexandria location.  There is nothing like a fresh krispy kreme doughnut.  I am so happy there are none close by right now.  I just drooled on my keyboard a little bit…I think there’s a doughnut in my future…maybe at Trois Pommes.  Here’s a list of the best doughnuts by type here in the cit-tay.

Best Doughnuts/Donuts in NYC-Serious Eats

Consumerist – National Doughnut Day Is Tomorrow! Free Doughnuts! – Dunkin Donuts.


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