Excellent Primer on Herbs and fire escape gardening




Meg does an EXCELLENT job of breaking down what herbs to plant, how to plant them, and how to use them.  I need to get my Thyme on.  I had a little plant that didn’t survive my front window so it’s time to go get a new one.  My basil and spearmint are LOVING the full sun and rain we’ve been getting.  Mint is super invasive so plant it by itself and NOT in the ground unless you’re ready for it to take over the whole area.  So go get your herb on and let Meg know what you’re doing with yours.  

Nest: Herbs 101.


2 thoughts on “Excellent Primer on Herbs and fire escape gardening”

  1. Love posts on urban gardening…doesn’t have a ton to do with employment or lack there of except that I save so much money by growing my own! Thank you for letting me share your post. Keep the fresh ideas coming!

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