Is there no hope for Sad Panda?

Even the beauty and tenderness of a child can not pierce the deepest despair of his depression.  What will it take to made Sad Panda happy???  I think an intervention is in order.  I want to go get my picture taken with him this weekend.  Maybe I’ll take him on a harbor cruise to remind him how fabulous NYC can be.  It’s so sad to see the light go dim in a panda.

Small Child Attempts to Comfort Sad Panda — Daily Intel — New York News Blog — New York Magazine.


2 thoughts on “Is there no hope for Sad Panda?”

  1. If you get a photo taken with him, would you mind sending it over to to ? I’m trying to get a collection going. Maybe the panda just needs to know he’s loved hahah =]

    that photo is too cute.

  2. I will absolutely send it on to you. I think Sad Panda knows that he’s loved…how could he not??? He’s got such a following!

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