Just in case you didn’t already know he’s a douche…

Salon is now arguing that O’Reilly’s unrelenting campaign against George Tiller lead to his murder.  I might actually watch The O’Reilly Report tonight just to see how he defends himself.  I’m sure he’ll be his typical indigent self but how can he not accept at least SOME responsibility? Oh wait-I forgot, O’Reilly is ALWAYS right.  NEVER wrong.  Papa Bear is the only one who cares about American values and protecting Americans from the liberal media and gay militant army that’s constantly marching on Washington trying to turn everyone gay.  Sometimes I really wish there was a gay militant army and that they’d take Papa Bear hostage.  THAT would be suhweet.

Salon Writer: Bill O’Reilly’s Crusade Against George Tiller ‘Sensationally Irresponsible’ — Daily Intel — New York News Blog — New York Magazine.

Strong language…even for Papa Bear.  Note: Christian Bale learned it from watching Papa Bear.


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