Just a friendly reminder to bet on the horses this weekend

There is a reason gambling is so freaking popular…because every now and again, you win! I had no idea that Larry King was such a down-and-out guy…of course he’s lived so freaking long that no one from this story is alive anymore.  It is an inspiring story in that he was apparently completely broke, completely unemployable, and a completely awesome father who took his daughter to their ‘secret park’-whatever that is.  But then he placed a lucky bet and was back in the money!  The Belmont is this weekend I just realized that I left New York, happy home to OTB, for a city that doesn’t let you bet on the horses, crappy-town DC.  I really don’t understand why DC doesn’t let you bet…we’ve got every other vice…all nude strip clubs, all the drugs you could possibly want, and super cheap alcohol.  Betting would really round DC out as vice city.  Anyhoo, if you are lucky enough to live near an OTB, go get your bet on for the last race in the triple crown.  Also, don’t let any of the grandpas “help you” with your bets.

Excerpt: Betting my last dollar on a horse – CNN.com.


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