Chicago, I like your style…


If you’re a laid-off lawyer living in Chicago, a social group has sprung up so you don’t have to be the only sad ex-lawyer crying into your beer.  But, a word of advice, if you’re laid-off, you should have switched from the “affluent” drinks to PBR by now.  The bike messengers and I just LOVE mainlining the stuff and you can get it for less than a $1 in most parts of Brooklyn.  If that’s not fabulocity, then I don’t know what is.  Also, this is the perfect time to hone your flirting skills and perfect the art of drinking for free.  My first year in NYC I rarely had to pay for a drink…which was really helpful since I had no money to pay for $21 fancy-pants cocktails that are really just some pucker and schnaps.  If you’re a gent, go where the cougars go…show some of the non-headturners that you’re a sensitive guy who’s down on his luck.  If you’re a lady, just hang out at any of the Wall Street bars in lower Manhattan and pretend really hard that you care about Ibanking and just love money…not matter how much they talk about it or their boring lives.  Also, show some tit and some leg.  Actually, you can treat people like shit and they’ll still buy you drinks if you show some tit and some leg.  Also, ladies and gents, gay bars are excellent places to score free drinks.  I don’t know why I get drinks at gay bars but I do…and if I can get drinks there, anyone can.  There are also a whole host of free drinking events going on around our less than fair city all the time.  Gothamist sends out emails letting you know when and where to be when the liquour gods declare a free-for-all.  Happy Friday and Happy Drinking!

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