Looking for a night job? Love Bars? Helping Douchebags pick up chicks?

Then THIS is the gig for you!  $30 an hour to help this seriously classy man (“don’t speak unless spoken to”-whaaaaaaat?  Wonder why he needs help with the ladies?  He CLEARLY knows how to treat them right) pick up hotties at bars.  Now, I’m actually a pretty awesome wing woman…I help girls, boys, gays, everyone pick up SO’s and NSA candidates at bars, parks, and restaurants.  Double that if I’m gin drunk.  Results may varry but I have a healthy success rate with two marriages and another on the way.  Of course, my success rate is even HIGHER if you’re just looking for Mr/Mrs. Right for Now.  But with a gift as powerful as mine, you REALLY have to be careful who you help.  So I’m going to stay on the dole and leave this dude to surf the rough seas of the NY bar scene on his own.  Also, my tits are MUCH bigger than this ladies…it really helps…even in gay bars.

Gawker – Wingwoman Needed to Help Dude Score Chicks; $30 an Hour, No Free Drinks – Craigslist.


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