The Perfect Cure for your case of the Sad Panda Blues

I can’t get this SONG OUT OF MY HEAD NOW!  It’s AMAZING.  It IS OUR NIGHT!  I also really dig his tai-chi dance moves…I feel like my personal dance style is somewhere between Sakis and Elaine on Seinfeld.  All you need to know is that it’s fierce and unapologetic…and gin fueled.  Let this song inspire you to get out and dance!  On top of taxi’s like in FAME!  It’s totally that type of song.  And it’s Eurovision.  I freaking LOVE Eurovision!  Why can’t we watch it here in the states?  Why don’t we have something like it in the states???  IT’S TIME!  Maybe that’s the job I should have…finding AWESOME television in Europe and bringing the cheese here…because we don’t have enough!

Hot Slut Of The Day! | Dlisted.


4 thoughts on “The Perfect Cure for your case of the Sad Panda Blues”

  1. Oh, Semiprofessional. how could you betray your own country and listen to that Socialist Old World music competition?

    The next time you are tempted to outsource your musical enjoyment, just listen to that true Patriotic tune over and over until your ears bleed good American Blood. So about twice should do it, I think.

  2. OMG Craig…I’m very embarrassed to admit I’ve NEVER heard OR seen this! It’s fabulous. But I still like my Greek. GO GREEK!

  3. his treadmill dance moves were nice. you should keep him and call him Balky. i thought i was way behind on this little video, but its good to know not that far. mi youtube es tu youtube.

  4. First, Craig, I am re-posting that video – it’s fabulous!
    Second, Semi-pro, if that pic was a video I missed that because I was too focused on how he got his body that high and then I was looking at his abs… Keep writing, sista!

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