The Greatest Recession takes out a hit on the Gotti’s

Is it me or is everything in Long Island just a little bit more tragic?  From the Great Gatsby to the Long Island Lolita there’s just always a little extra touch of drama to everything.  Today’s drama involves infamous mafia princess Victoria Gotti and her tres declasse Long Island mansion.  She’s failed to make payments for TWO YEARS…so guess what?  They are foreclosing on it!  Shocking!  Thanks to the reality show they did a few years ago, their over spending habits are well documented.  It’s just hard to imagine the recession hitting a family that inspired The Sopranos…apparently the buried trash bags full of money are NOT on Victoria’s $3 million property.  Having watched the show, I can honestly say that there’s not a single life skill or pinch of common sense amoung this branch of the Gotti tribe.  I very much doubt they will be dealing with the “overqualified” problem unless it involves fake tans or bleaching.  It’s totes time for Vicky to write a book…or sue Susan Luci for Lady Mobster.  

The Guido Kingdom Is Going Into Foreclosure | Dlisted.


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