Remember all those articles about jobs in teaching? Yeah…not so much…



We can now add teachers to the list of professionals who come to New York to try and make it big and crawl away with nothing but a bag full of crushed dreams.  Remember when the Stimulus Package was passed?  And everyone was a buzz about the few sectors that would be hiring like mad?  Healthcare?  Green energy?  And education?  Well…if you live in NYC, you might have to strike that last one off your list if you’re looking for a new career.  New York City schools are now only hiring internally which is bad news bears for many extremely qualified and eager applicants who want desperately to work in New York City public schools.  Now those applicants are applying to private and charter schools instead and New York City schools must look to its current teachers to fill new vacancies.  It is a very interesting article but I couldn’t read it without thinking about Ryan Gosling in Half Nelson.  teaching + new york city public schools = addiction to heroin.  Ok…maybe that’s not really what’s going on…but that movie what would happen if Mr. Holland’s Opus and The Wire had a baby.  Anyhoo, lo siento mucho to all the teachers who left promising careers in other fields to go back to school, get a masters, and teach in the inner city.  Looks like you’ll be coddling the city’s most privileged citizens: spoiled children of fat cats in the Upper East Side.  Life’s a bitch!  

In New York City, No New Teachers Need Apply –


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