If you’re thinking about stripping for your next career, check out the competition

Sick of applying for jobs and not getting any responses?  Have tons of experience but in fields that are dried up and gone?  Just can’t catch a break and the rent is due?  Taken some of those strip-for-exercise classes at the gym and think you’re pretty swell?  Well here’s a reality check for those of you who think you can take to the pole and start making it rain like PacMan is in the hizzouse.  Meet Felix Cane.  Granted, she’s won some pole dancing contests and is currently a featured performer in Zumanity out in Vegas…but STILL.  She’s amazing!  I’m just posting as a reminder that pole dancing is not easy and not to be attempted by amateurs…although I’d LOVE to see some video of that.  I bet it would be hysterical. 

Hot Slut Of The Week: Felix Cane | Dlisted.

Sorta NSFW…no nudity…but it is a video of a pole dancer…I mean, do I have to tell you that it might not be safe for your office?  Really?  You can’t maybe figure that out on your own?  Knowing what your office standards are, etc.  Also, if you’re at an office, kudos (or Ka-doos to quote Ramona on RHNYC) to you.  For my fellow unemployed friends, click away!  Unless you’re at an Ohio public library in which case, check for Carl Monday first.  You never know when that bastard is taping you.  


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